nat-2™’s Innovative Bubble Wrap Sneakers: Crafted from Waste, Worn with Pride

Handcrafted. Sustainable. Vegan. Innovative. Luxurious

Every once in a while, something comes along that redefines the norms. The nat-2™ Sleek Low bubble wrap version is a shining example of that, a footwear gem that tells a remarkable story of innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Produced by hand in Italy, under fair conditions, these shoes speak volumes of the meticulous artistry that defines small family productions. The design is understated, yet striking, primarily in clean white, accented by a unique back heel that changes colors. A reflective material on the heel, the smoothest glass surface available, mirrors the world around you, introducing a dynamic element to an otherwise static design.

What truly sets these shoes apart, however, is their material: REMEANT®, a breakthrough innovation born from the intent to reduce waste and conserve our environment. This material, astonishingly crafted from single-use plastic, including recycled bubble wrap, is a testament to ingenuity and an incredible solution to non-biodegradable waste.

These shoes are not only a feast for the eyes, with their stunning variety of shades and textures, but they're also robust and functional. Waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean, these sneakers are built to endure. And despite its unconventional origin, this bubble wrap material retains its vivid color and unique texture even after extended use.

Intriguingly, the nat-2™ Sleek Low is the first instance of shoes designed with this bubble wrap material, making it a pioneering figure in sustainable fashion. And they are not all about appearances – the bioceramic® material and real cork insole ensure comfort, providing anti-bacterial and climate-regulating features.

This pair is a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, sustainability, and luxury intersect. Each shoe is unique, handcrafted with respect to both nature and the artisans involved, and 100% vegan, earning the well-deserved approval of Peta.

Yes, the price tag might make you pause, but remember: you're not just buying shoes. You're investing in a product that represents a step towards a more sustainable future, supporting fair labor practices, and acquiring a truly unique piece of craftsmanship.

In a world inundated with mass-produced, disposable fashion, the nat-2™ Sleek Low bubble wrap version is a breath of fresh air. It's about time we pay attention.

Indeed, like any product, the nat-2™ Sleek Low bubble wrap version has its unique strengths and potential drawbacks. Let's take a look:


  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Using REMEANT® material, made from single-use plastic such as bubble wrap, the shoe contributes to reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability.
  2. Vegan: Peta-approved, it's a cruelty-free product, appealing to consumers who prioritize ethical considerations in their purchases.
  3. Unique Design: With a distinctive bubble wrap material and reflective glass heel, these shoes are unique, offering a distinct style statement.
  4. Handcrafted Quality: Handmade in Italy under fair working conditions, the shoes testify to the high quality of craftsmanship.
  5. Innovative Material Usage: It uses bioceramic® material and a real cork insole, ensuring comfort and adding to its eco-friendly credentials.
  6. Durable and Resilient: The REMEANT® material is waterproof, easy to clean, and lightweight. The quality is designed to endure.
  7. Health-Conscious: The bioceramic® material has antibacterial and climate-regulating features.


  1. High Cost: At $444.00, these sneakers are a significant investment and may not fit into everyone's budget.
  2. Limited Styles: The primary style is a clean white design with a changing back heel, which might not cater to everyone's taste.
  3. Availability: As each pair is handcrafted and unique, it may lead to limited availability or longer wait times for a specific pair.
  4. Maintenance: While the material is durable, the light color and unique fabric might require specific cleaning methods to maintain its pristine look.
  5. Fit: Though the description suggests a ‘normal fit,' shoes often vary by brand. The comfort and fit will depend on individual foot shape and size.

In the end, whether the nat-2™ Sleek Low bubble wrap version is the right choice for you will largely depend on your personal preferences, budget, and dedication to sustainable and vegan fashion.

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