Nanobars XL – lightweight and portable Parallel bars

Collapses into itself

The Nanobars XL are compact, lightweight, and versatile bars that can be used for a variety of exercises, including strength training, bodyweight exercises, and yoga. They are designed to be easily portable, making them a convenient option for home workouts or for use while traveling.

One of the best feature of the Nanobar XL is that it collapses into itself for easy storage and portability. In its collapsed state, the Nanobar is in the form of two bars with the base and lengs stored inside its 40mm diameter aircraft grade aluminum frame. The 15″ (38 cm) bars are rubber coated for grip for grip during exercises.

The Nanobars XL come with a pair 4″ and 8″ legs for different exercises and 2 feet are made of UV-proof non-slip material for stability. However, using the longer legs is not as stable as using the shorter ones.

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