Mushroom Majesty: The END. x Salomon XT-6 ‘Porcini’ Collection

Earthy, Elegant, Comfortable, Distinctive, Autumnal

In the heart of fall, when the earth reveals its most muted yet intricate palette, there's a sense of harmony that can be seen, smelled, and now, worn. One needn't be a lover of gastronomy to appreciate the delicate hues of the porcini mushroom, a humble fungi celebrated for its umami punch in dishes worldwide. Yet, this season, it's not just the flavor of the porcini that has us talking.

Venturing further into the forest of inspiration, END. and Salomon have come together once more. If their previous “Truffle” collaboration was a prelude, their latest creation — the XT-6 ‘Porcini’ — is a masterful crescendo. The partnership ingeniously taps into the porcini's distinct earth tones, drawing out those deep oranges and browns and seamlessly weaving them into a shoe that promises more than just a statement.

Every aspect of the shoe feels meticulously crafted. The textile upper, accompanied by a TPU film, mirrors the rustic texture of the mushroom. Slipping your foot inside, there's an immediate embrace from the OrthoLite sock liner. The insole, adorned with whimsical mushroom graphics, hides beneath the logos of both Salomon and END., a subtle nod to the minds behind this autumnal marvel.

Beyond aesthetics, the shoe boasts functionality. Whether you're navigating city streets or taking an impromptu hike, the EVA midsole ensures comfort, absorbing those unexpected shocks. And with an ACS chassis, your stride remains unwavering. Salomon’s signature Contagrip Outsole offers reliable traction, suitable for a myriad of terrains.

The XT-6 ‘Porcini’ doesn't just stop at mirroring nature's aesthetics; it carries forward the spirit of adventure. It's a celebration of the season and the surprises it holds, reminding wearers of the joys of exploration, whether it's foraging for wild mushrooms or discovering a new urban enclave.

With a release price of roughly $207 and a trio of colors – Sugar Almond, Golden Yellow, and Wren – there’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the spirit of fall. But, as with all good things, it's fleeting. If the previous release serves as an indicator, these gems won't sit long on the shelves. So, if the call of the wild – or at least the allure of a unique, finely crafted shoe – beckons you, I'd suggest not waiting.

In the dance between nature and craftsmanship, END. and Salomon have choreographed a beautiful ballet. The XT-6 ‘Porcini’ is not just footwear; it's a narrative, an ode to the treasures that lie beneath the forest canopy. And in this tale, you're not just a spectator; you're the protagonist. So, step into the story. The wilderness awaits.


  1. Seasonal Aesthetics: The XT-6 ‘Porcini’ design captures the unique earth tones of the porcini mushroom, making it a perfect autumnal accessory.
  2. Diverse Collaboration: Combines the creative flair of END. with Salomon's renowned footwear expertise.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Made of durable textile and TPU film, ensuring a longer-lasting shoe.
  4. Comfort: Incorporates an OrthoLite sock liner and an EVA midsole, both of which enhance comfort and shock absorption.
  5. Functionality: ACS chassis offers stride stability, and the Contagrip Outsole provides traction suitable for various terrains.
  6. Exclusivity: The mushroom graphics and dual logos on the insole emphasize the shoe's limited edition and collaborative nature.
  7. Versatile Color Options: Available in three distinct colorways, offering variety for personal style preferences.


  1. Price Point: At approximately $207, the XT-6 ‘Porcini’ may be considered pricey for some consumers.
  2. Limited Availability: Based on previous releases, there's a possibility these shoes could sell out quickly, making it challenging for interested buyers to secure a pair.
  3. Niche Inspiration: The mushroom-inspired design, while unique, might not appeal to everyone's taste.
  4. Maintenance: Earth tones, especially the lighter Sugar Almond colorway, might show dirt or wear more prominently and require regular cleaning.


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