Mosaic MT-2: High-performance Hardtail with a Heart for Adventure

Versatile, Customizable, Titanium, Modern, High-end

Here we have something that breathes adventure, a contraption that's almost an invitation in and of itself. The Mosaic MT-2, redesigned and redefined. Built right there in Boulder, Colorado, where the air is crisp and the mountains kiss the sky, this machine encapsulates the spirit of a wanderer seeking out the furthest corners of the planet.

This beast isn't your run-of-the-mill creation. Oh no, this one is a beast that's as comfortable taking off from the start line of a marathon mountain bike race, as it is for those long, slow journeys through the untamed wilderness. It carries within it that spirit of embracing both extremes, the fast and furious as well as the unhurried exploration.

Everything about the MT-2 screams modernity – from its geometry to its componentry. It seems to have been thoughtfully created to be your closest ally on those trails. The fact that it's designed to accommodate a 120mm suspension fork and has enough room for 29×2.6 tires, speaks volumes about its trail shredding potential.

The first thing that hit me about this machine was its strength – a size-specific straight gauge titanium tubeset. But don't let that fool you. The weight of this contraption is surprisingly manageable, making it a truly fun ride. You know you can trust this machine to take you through your journey and back, unscathed and exhilarated.

A limited batch of MT-2's are already waiting for their call to the wild, but you can also order a custom one, crafted just for you. And the options – oh, the options! You can choose between external full-length shift, brake, and internal dropper routing, or go for the eTap AXS shifting with a dropper port in the seat tube and external rear brake. The decision is yours, adventurer.

All in all, the MT-2's features boast of an enviable balance between raw power, unmatched durability, and agile performance. With generous tire clearance, efficient brake mounts, multiple water bottle mounts, and even the option for a custom paint layout, the MT-2 isn't just a machine. It's a statement.

The wait for your custom adventure companion will take around 12 weeks, but if you ask me, it's well worth the patience. After all, some of the best things in life are worth waiting for, right? Whether you're seeking thrill or tranquillity, I have a feeling this is just the ticket you've been waiting for.

So, gear up, adventurer. The Mosaic MT-2 awaits, ready to carry you through the wild and back. I bet you won't regret this journey. This isn't just a bike. It's a passport to uncharted territories. You just have to saddle up and ride.


  1. Premium Materials: The MT-2 is crafted with a size-specific straight gauge titanium tubeset. Titanium is not only highly durable and resistant to corrosion but it's also incredibly lightweight. This ensures that the bike frame is robust enough to withstand challenging terrains and weather conditions, without compromising on the ride quality.
  2. Versatility: This bike is equally adept at racing or for more leisurely, adventurous rides. Whether you're planning a marathon mountain bike race or a weekend bike-packing trip, the MT-2 is well-suited for the task. Its design accommodates a 120mm suspension fork and has ample clearance for 29×2.6 tires, making it a highly capable hardtail.
  3. Customization: From the finishwork selection to the decision between external or eTap AXS shifting, the MT-2 offers a high degree of personalization. This allows riders to tailor their bike to their exact preferences and needs.
  4. Modern Geometry: The MT-2 is designed with a geometry that promotes both comfort and performance on the trails. This modern design allows for a more efficient pedaling position, better handling, and control over the bike.


  1. Price: Starting at $4,200 for the frame alone, the MT-2 is on the higher end of the price spectrum. The cost might be a deterrent for casual riders or those with a limited budget.
  2. Lead Time: There's a significant waiting period for custom orders, up to 12 weeks. If you're looking to hit the trails immediately, this may be a downside.
  3. Fork Not Included: The MT-2 is designed around a 120mm suspension fork which is not included with the frame. This means an additional expense for the buyer and potentially the hassle of finding a compatible fork.
  4. Maintenance: Titanium frames, while highly durable, can require specialized knowledge or professional help for repairs, which could be a disadvantage for some riders.
  5. Specialization: While the MT-2's versatility is a major advantage, for riders who specialize in one type of cycling (like downhill or road cycling), they may find features they don't need or miss features they do. The MT-2 is a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none scenario.
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