Microshift Sword: Combining Reliability and Customizability in a Mechanical Gravel Groupset

Reliable, Versatile Mechanical Gravel Groupset

Imagine a group of engineers, mechanics, and die-hard cyclists gather around a blueprint spread across a well-worn worktable. Their fingers trace the outlines of a design, one that whispers of vintage simplicity but with a certain contemporary flair. This, my friends, is the essence of the Microshift Sword.

We are not talking about another shiny, techie widget here, but a return to roots. While the industry dives deeper into the labyrinth of wireless gadgetry and hydraulic wizardry, we are looking at the beauty of a simple cable-actuated ensemble. Something tangible, something real.

There is a unique charm about this Sword. It echoes of a modern ergonomic touch coupled with the versatility to tackle the most arduous climbs. It's not about the bells and whistles, but the bare-bone mechanics that's simple to adjust and service. It's like that trusty old-school vinyl record player that still churns out the best sound, a mechanical symphony if you will.

The Sword comes in two flavors: 1×10 for the adventurous heart, perfect for rowdy bike-packing escapades. And the 2×10, a trusty steed for those fast-paced gravel rides or for the marathon days on the saddle. Two personas of the same soul, built to weather different terrains.

Designed for flared bars, the Sword fits in your hand like a glove. No matter your angle preference, it caters to your needs without making a fuss. The textured hood ensures a rock-solid grip. Even when the going gets tough, the Sword won't let you slip.

And the brake lever – oh, it's a thing of beauty. High pivot and designed to pull slightly more cable than your average road lever. More power to you when you need it, without the extra effort.

And you want to talk about gears? The Sword is in a league of its own, offering a gear range that leaves compact doubles in the dust. Whether you're tackling the steeps of a Tour de France stage or off on a grueling bike-packing journey, this extra range is your ticket to finishing your ride without breaking a sweat.

Now let's not forget about the all-mechanical setup. Easy adjustments at the turn of an Allen wrench. No fiddly electronics to deal with. And that Orbital Barrel Adjuster? That's the stuff of legend. Allowing 15 degrees of rotation in any direction, it keeps your cable routing smooth, reducing friction and ensuring your ride is as smooth as butter.

Perhaps my favorite part about the Sword? Its silent clutch and instant engagement. You won't know it's there, but it will be, quietly doing its job, keeping your ride smooth and your chain secure.

So, here's the deal: if you're seeking a setup that's grounded in reality, one that delivers on performance while keeping things simple, the Sword might just be your pick. With gear like this, you might just forget about that charger for your derailleur. This isn't just another component in the cycling world; it's a statement. A testament to the enduring power of analog in an increasingly digital age.


  1. Cable-Actuated System: Microshift Sword uses a fully mechanical design that is easy to service and adjust, which appeals to those who value reliability and ease of maintenance.
  2. Ergonomic Design: The hoods have a rounded outer curve to prevent pressure points, suitable for different bar flare angles. The high pivot brake lever and textured hood also increase control and comfort.
  3. Wide Cassette Range: With a cassette range wider than many competitors, Sword offers greater versatility, especially for big climbs.
  4. Versatile Gear Options: Available in both 1×10 and 2×10 configurations, it caters to various riding preferences and conditions, be it bike-packing, fast gravel rides, or long adventure days.
  5. Adjustability and Customization: Independent adjustability of shift and brake levers, along with a 3mm hex bolt for easy cable tension adjustments, offers significant user customization. The derailleur cage is replaceable, allowing a switch between 1x and 2x setups easily.
  6. Innovative Features: The system introduces features like the orbital barrel adjuster for smoother cable routing, and a silent clutch with instant engagement for efficient power transmission.
  7. Compatibility: Most components are compatible with existing standards (e.g., 10-speed chains, Shimano bottom brackets, HG cassette hub bodies), making it easier to integrate with other setups.


  1. Lack of Electronic Shifting: While some riders may prefer the reliability and ease of a mechanical system, it lacks the precision, speed, and convenience of electronic shifting systems.
  2. Potential Complexity of Maintenance: Although being all mechanical makes general servicing easier, certain aspects like adjusting derailleur cable tension or replacing the cage assembly could be complex for inexperienced users.
  3. Weight: It might be heavier than some of the competing products, especially those with electronic and wireless components. The full specs aren't mentioned, but a fully mechanical system typically carries some weight penalty.
  4. Limited Gear Options: With only 10-speeds available, riders seeking more extensive gear options might be limited. Some riders prefer more sprockets for smoother gear transitions.
  5. Unknown Brand Reputation: While not explicitly a con of the product itself, Microshift may not have the established reputation or widespread user base of larger drivetrain brands, potentially leading to hesitation among some buyers.
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