Merrimack + Stranahan’s Blue Peak Canoe: A Handcrafted Vessel Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Whiskey-infused, lightweight, handcrafted, unique canoe

There are instances when objects come together to create something more significant, a marvel of craft and artistry that takes its components' strengths and synthesizes them into something greater than the sum of its parts. The Merrimack + Stranahan's Blue Peak Canoe is precisely such a creation – a testament to innovation, traditional craftsmanship, and a love for the beautiful outdoors.

Imagine a master canoe builder from Merrimack and a whiskey distiller from Stranahan's, joining hands in an unlikely partnership. The result? A canoe crafted not just from kevlar and carbon fiber but also the seasoned oak of whiskey aging barrels, once brimming with Stranahan's single malt whiskey.

This canoe is the embodiment of spirit – not just the distilled spirit that once matured within its wooden parts, but the adventurous spirit of its potential owner. A spirit of exploration, of quiet afternoons spent drifting lazily down a stream, the cool, refreshing water gliding underneath, as the oak-infused interior subtly hints of Colorado's mountainous charm.

It's a compact and versatile vessel, stretching 14.5′ in length with a 35″ beam. Its impressive capacity of 625 lbs makes it ideal for a lone journeyman or a small party. Despite its strength and size, it weighs a mere 46 lbs, courtesy of its kevlar and carbon fiber hull.

The oak's character, once enhancing the whiskey's flavor, now lends a remarkable texture and warmth to the canoe. The decking, handles, seats, and yoke, all shaped from this whiskey-laden oak, present a boat that's not only sturdy and lightweight but rich in history.

I can picture it: the canoe gliding effortlessly through crystal waters, paddles dipping rhythmically, the rich scent of whiskey-aged oak lingering in the air, melding with the natural aroma of the great outdoors. I can almost feel the satisfaction of the adventurer who calls this vessel his own, appreciating the meticulous handiwork, the fusion of time-honored tradition and cutting-edge materials.

This, my friends, is more than a boat. It's a tangible dream. It's a testament to human creativity, a product of skill and passion, a joyous union of craft and nature. And let's not forget – it's also a hell of a canoe.


  1. Unique Materials: The oak from whiskey aging barrels gives the canoe a distinct and unique aesthetic, setting it apart from other canoes. The aroma of the whiskey-infused oak can also provide an extra sensory experience during use.
  2. Lightweight and Strong: With the use of kevlar and carbon fiber composites, the canoe is lightweight, yet durable and strong. This combination of materials makes it easy to transport and resilient to typical wear and tear.
  3. Versatility: The canoe's dimensions make it adaptable for various purposes. Its length and beam are suitable for solo trips, family outings, or fishing expeditions.
  4. High Capacity: With a capacity of 625 lbs, the canoe can easily accommodate multiple people or a significant amount of equipment.
  5. Exclusive and Custom-made: Each canoe is built to order, adding a personal touch and ensuring exclusivity.


  1. Price: Priced at $5,845, this canoe falls into the higher-end market segment. Its cost may not be accessible to all, particularly those new to canoeing or not ready for such an investment.
  2. Wait Time: Since each canoe is custom-built, it can take six to eight weeks to complete. This means the potential owner will have to exercise patience before getting their hands on this exquisite piece.
  3. Maintenance: The use of whiskey barrel oak, while unique and charming, might require extra care and maintenance to retain its original allure over time.
  4. Limited Availability: Given the hand-crafted nature of the canoe, there might be limited availability for potential buyers, particularly during peak demand times.


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