Merida One-Forty 700: Unleashing the Mountain Beast

Adventure-ready, personalized, durable, high-performance bicycle

Well, folks, here we are again, looking at a piece of machinery that just screams adventure. This ain't your typical ride; this is the Merida One-Forty 700, a bike that was born to conquer trails. It's like a canine straining at the leash, always ready to explore the terrain ahead.

First thing you notice when your eyes scan over this hunk of metal is its solid full aluminium frame. It feels as sturdy as a WWII submarine. The FAST kinematic suspension is a welcome sight, offering an impressive 143mm rear and 150mm front suspension travel. Imagine that like the difference between riding a rodeo bull and a high-end recliner. This puppy can absorb bumps and rough terrains with ease, like a mountain goat on a rocky outcrop.

The bike’s radical geometry is worth mentioning too. With an 80° seat angle and a 65° head angle, it's made for the harshest of terrains. It’s like the two-wheel equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. The low front end and bottom bracket are there to make tackling even the steepest, gnarliest climbs a walk in the park, while the long reach across all sizes allows you to breeze downhill as if you were gliding on air.

The Merida One-Forty 700 uses a 1 x 12 Shimano drivetrain and Shimano SLX 4 pot hydraulic disc brakes, much like having the brakes of a sports car on a two-wheeler. It delivers power and control in every crank and every stop, the precision is just mind-blowing.

The tyres are another standout feature: Maxxis Minion DHF at the front and Maxxis Dissector at the rear. These are the workhorses of the mountain bike tyre world. Coupled with the 29er wheels, this ride can handle whatever you throw at it, rocks, dirt, hell even marshmallows. It’s like an off-road monster truck and a high-performance sports car had a baby.

The bike's Agilometer sizing system is another thoughtful touch. You get the chance to choose your frame size regardless of your height. So if you're a 6-foot-tall rider who prefers a smaller reach, this bike can cater to your preference. No one-size-fits-all nonsense here.

A few other features worth mentioning: a 230mm travel-adjustable dropper post, a tubeless-ready aluminium rim, and the whole package weighing in at a modest 16.28 kg. It’s clear that Merida's engineers took their time to create a bike that’s efficient, comfortable, and ready for anything.

In essence, the Merida One-Forty 700 is like a rebellious punk rocker with a PhD in mechanical engineering. It's tough, versatile, and smartly designed. Whether you're planning to traverse the Himalayas or just hit the local trails, this bike is a beast waiting to be unleashed.

So, grab your helmet, pack some water and snacks, and take this monster out for a spin. Enjoy the freedom, soak in the nature, and relish the experience, because this bike is all about creating unforgettable moments. Safe travels, my friends. The world awaits!


  1. Top-Notch Suspension: With the RockShox Deluxe Select+ rear shock and 150mm Marzocchi Z1 fork, the bike offers excellent shock absorption for both uphill and downhill trails. It's like having your own personal mountain goat.
  2. Powerful Drivetrain and Brakes: The 1 x 12 Shimano drivetrain and Shimano SLX 4 pot hydraulic disc brakes ensure a responsive ride with reliable stopping power.
  3. Agilometer Sizing: The unique Agilometer sizing system allows riders to choose their frame size independently of their height. It's a win for personalized fit and comfort.
  4. Robust Frame: The full aluminium frame ensures durability and longevity. This bike won't back down from any challenge you throw at it.
  5. Versatile Geometry: With an 80° seat angle and a 65° head angle, the bike can tackle a range of terrains with ease. Climb like a pro and descend like a daredevil.


  1. Price: At £3,100, this bike is not the most affordable option on the market. It's an investment, and while it offers plenty of top-notch features, the price might be a deterrent for some.
  2. Heavier Weight: Weighing in at 16.28 kg, the One-Forty 700 is on the heavier side compared to some other models. This might make it a bit more challenging to maneuver for some riders.
  3. Lack of Tubeless Setup: While the bike is tubeless-ready, it doesn't come with the necessary tubeless tape and valves. This means an extra cost and effort for those wanting to set up their tyres tubeless.
  4. Limited Colour Options: As of now, the bike seems to be available in limited colours. If aesthetics is a priority for you, this might be a bit of a disappointment.
  5. Complicated Assembly: Given its high-performance features, assembling this bike might be more complex than standard models, which could pose a challenge for beginners or those not accustomed to bike mechanics.

£3,100 ($3,918)

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