McLaren Extreme 600: Unmatched Power in Electric Mountain Biking

Powerful, lightweight, advanced, thrilling eMTB

Imagine a world where the thrill of the trail meets the ingenuity of top-tier engineering, a place where power isn't just measured in watts but in the exhilaration of the ride. The McLaren Extreme 600 isn't just a mountain bike; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection and performance. This beast is equipped with a 600W mid-drive motor, delivering an awe-inspiring 161Nm of torque. It's a power unit that doesn’t just whisper performance; it roars it, ensuring that no incline is too steep and no trail too challenging.

Crafted with precision, the bike's full carbon fiber frame isn't just about reducing weight—although at a mere 3.6kg for the power unit, it's certainly accomplished that. It's about embodying a level of craftsmanship typically reserved for the high-performance automotive world. Over 1,000 engineering hours were dedicated to perfecting this frame, ensuring that every curve, every angle, exudes both strength and elegance.

The heart of this machine, the power unit, is nothing short of a marvel. With five adjustable assist levels, you can fine-tune your ride to match the demands of the terrain, whether you're conserving energy on a long ride or unleashing full power for a burst of speed. This isn't just about getting from point A to B; it's about the journey, the thrill, and the sheer joy of the ride.

Riding the McLaren Extreme 600 is an experience unlike any other, thanks to its cutting-edge SRAM XX Eagle AXS Transmission and SRAM G2 RE 4-piston brakes. These components ensure smooth, reliable shifting and powerful, confident stopping power, giving you the control you need to tackle any trail. The suspension system, featuring a 160mm RockShox Lyric Rush RC fork and a 145mm RockShox RS Deluxe Select+ shock, ensures a ride that's both comfortable and capable, adapting to the rugged demands of off-road adventures.

The bike’s integrated features, such as the digital dash set into the custom one-piece carbon fiber handlebars, provide real-time telemetry and allow you to change power settings on the fly. The McLaren Extreme 600 also includes wireless gearing and a dropper post, courtesy of the SRAM AXS ecosystem, eliminating the need for old school cable-operated systems and adding a touch of futuristic elegance to your ride.

When the sun sets, the adventure doesn’t have to end. The integrated LED lighting system, powered by the bike's main battery, offers high and low beam options, lighting up your path with up to 1,550 lumens. This isn't just a bike; it's a ticket to endless exploration, a blend of power, precision, and pure adrenaline.

Riding the McLaren Extreme 600 is a bit like taking a piece of McLaren’s racing legacy with you on every trail. It's alive with the DNA of a brand synonymous with speed and performance, a bike that doesn’t just follow the path but blazes its own trail. It's for those who seek more from their rides, who crave the intersection of cutting-edge technology and pure, unadulterated thrill. This isn’t just about reaching the summit; it's about the heart-pounding, grin-inducing journey along the way.


  1. High Power Output: The 600W mid-drive motor delivers an impressive 161Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful trail-legal electric mountain bikes available.
  2. Lightweight Design: The carbon fiber frame and 3.6kg power unit contribute to a stellar power-to-weight ratio, enhancing maneuverability and control.
  3. Advanced Suspension System: Equipped with a 160mm RockShox Lyric Rush RC fork and a 145mm RockShox RS Deluxe Select+ shock, providing a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains.
  4. Cutting-Edge Components: Features SRAM XX Eagle AXS Transmission and SRAM G2 RE 4-piston brakes for reliable shifting and powerful braking.
  5. Integrated Technology: The digital dash and wireless gearing/droppost from the SRAM AXS ecosystem add convenience and a modern touch.
  6. Integrated LED Lighting: High and low beam options with up to 1,550 lumens ensure visibility during night rides.
  7. Customizable Power Settings: Five adjustable assist levels allow riders to tailor the motor performance to their specific needs.
  8. Premium Craftsmanship: Over 1,000 engineering hours went into the design, showcasing a high level of detail and quality.


  1. High Price: At $11,950.00 USD, it is a significant investment, potentially out of reach for many riders.
  2. Complex Maintenance: The advanced technology and high-end components may require specialized maintenance and repair, which can be costly and time-consuming.
  3. Battery Life: Depending on usage and power settings, the 720Wh battery may require frequent charging for extended rides.
  4. Weight: While the power unit is lightweight, the overall bike weight with all components might still be on the heavier side compared to non-electric mountain bikes.
  5. Availability: As a high-end product, availability might be limited, and there could be long wait times for purchase or repair services.


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