Lumos Ultra Fly Helmets: The Future of Cycling Safety with Innovative Firefly Lights

Lightweight, Ventilated, Visible, Safe, Comfortable

You know, when you hit the open road on two wheels, it's all about safety and comfort. And I gotta tell you, folks at Lumos seem to have their heads screwed on right. Their new Ultra Fly and Ultra Fly Pro helmets are something of a revelation.

It's not about the cool aesthetics, it's the thoughtful design behind these helmets. To begin with, the helmets are lightweight — the Ultra Fly weighs a measly 245g, making it an easy wear for your everyday commutes or long-haul rides. Then there's the OptiGrip system that ensures your glasses stay right where they should. An innovation I must say, for those riders who know the struggle of glasses that insist on taking a slide.

Even the helmet sizes aren't an issue. The FlexiFit system on these helmets ensure that regardless of your head shape, size, or even hairstyle, you have a helmet that fits you perfectly. And that's important — a poorly fitting helmet is just an ornament, not protection.

For those riders that seek a little more — the Ultra Fly Pro model offers 14 larger vents for more ventilation. And trust me, the amount of airflow you get can change the way you ride. There's also the added safety of MIPS technology, which can make a world of difference if you take a tumble.

Then there's the Firefly Light module, which I think is a game changer. It's a light that mounts onto the helmet and flashes in sync with the rest of your lights, even serving as a brake light. That's a layer of visibility I haven't seen before, and when you're sharing the road, every bit helps.

The helmets come with an option of attaching Firefly Lights that sync with your bike, ensuring you're visible day and night. What's more, these lights are not a permanent fixture. They connect to the helmets via a robust magnetic connection, allowing you to detach them when not required. And if you're worried about battery life, don't be. These Firefly Lights can keep going for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

But here's the part that really caught my attention. You can reserve one of these helmets for a mere $3 deposit, getting them at a discounted rate. And if the helmet reaches production, you've got yourself a top-notch helmet without having to break the bank.

All in all, the Lumos Ultra Fly and Ultra Fly Pro helmets are seriously impressive, with their combination of safety, comfort, and smart design. The flexibility in sizing and the option to add lights make them a valuable addition to any cyclist's gear. The Ultra Fly is perfect for those everyday rides while the Ultra Fly Pro is for the hardcore road cyclists who are looking for enhanced performance and safety.

So, whether you're a leisure rider or someone who sees the road as a challenge to conquer, these helmets could very well be your ultimate ally. Lumos has pulled out all the stops here, and it's hard not to be impressed. Stay safe, ride smart, and do it in style with Lumos.


  1. Lightweight Design: Both helmets are relatively lightweight, with the Ultra Fly weighing just 245g. This makes it comfortable for both short and long rides.
  2. Increased Visibility: The ability to attach a Firefly Light module to the helmet greatly enhances rider visibility. This is particularly useful for those who ride in low-light conditions.
  3. FlexiFit System: This system ensures that the helmet will fit comfortably on all head shapes, sizes, and hairstyles. A well-fitted helmet is crucial for maximum protection.
  4. OptiGrip Feature: This patented feature helps keep glasses from sliding off while riding, adding a level of convenience for those who wear glasses.
  5. Advanced Safety Features: The Ultra Fly Pro model incorporates MIPS technology, which provides additional protection against rotational injuries to the brain.
  6. Improved Ventilation: The helmets come with a substantial number of vents (11 for Ultra Fly and 14 for Ultra Fly Pro), providing efficient airflow for a cooler, more comfortable ride.
  7. Affordable Pricing: With the Prelaunch offer, prospective buyers can reserve a helmet for just $3, getting a substantial discount on the final price.


  1. Potential Production Issues: The helmets are currently on a Prelaunch platform, meaning there could be production delays or the product may not reach production at all.
  2. Dependency on Firefly System: The brake light functionality is dependent on having a linked accelerometer-equipped Firefly handlebar remote, which may require additional purchase and setup.
  3. Charging Required for Lights: If using the Firefly Light module, users will need to remember to charge it. The light lasts for up to 10 hours, but forgetting to charge could leave riders without this safety feature on their ride.
  4. Extra Features on Pro Model: Some additional features, like the MIPS technology and larger vents, are only available on the more expensive Ultra Fly Pro model.
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