Lumaflex Body Pro: Supercharge Your Performance and Accelerate Recovery

Portable, Effective Muscle Recovery Device

Traveling and exploring cultures can be an energy-draining process. The jet-lag, the long walks, the constant hustle, they all leave their marks on our bodies. That's why finding a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and revitalize is of utmost importance. And, believe it or not, the Lumaflex Body Pro seems to be an intriguing solution to this conundrum.

A revolutionary piece of equipment, the Lumaflex Body Pro is not just a gadget, it's a commitment to your wellbeing. This FDA cleared Class II medical device, is designed to boost your performance, help you build muscles faster and aid in a speedy recovery. And all of that from the comfort of your home.

Powered by red and infrared light therapy, it recharges your body and promotes healing. It's like having a personal, professional treatment system that you can use whenever you like, wherever you are, be it at home, outside or at the gym.

The Lumaflex Body Pro isn't shy about its features either. It claims to be the world's first sweat and waterproof red light panel, making it an ideal companion for the fitness buffs among us who aren't afraid to break a sweat. What I love is its portability, allowing me to take it on the road. This compact design also means it can be stored effortlessly, even in the most cramped hotel rooms.

But how does it work? The red light therapy that powers the Lumaflex Body Pro is scientifically backed and FDA cleared. The light works by penetrating deep into your tissues to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and blood flow, enhancing vitality and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing.

For those living an active lifestyle, this little device has another trick up its sleeve. It's not just for recovery; it's also for performance. Professional athletes and trainers swear by the benefits of red light therapy for muscle growth and performance enhancement.

For anyone dealing with muscle and joint pains, this device provides a natural, non-invasive solution. The red light therapy can treat injuries, provide pain relief, and even speed up recovery time. There's no magic bullet for pain, but Lumaflex Body Pro offers a scientifically-supported tool to assist in managing and recovering from it.

One thing that intrigues me is the Lumaflex app. It's a smart way to keep track of your recovery progress, ensuring you're not overdoing it. After all, when it comes to light therapy, more isn't always better. It's about finding the right balance, the perfect dose of light to help your body regenerate itself.

So, is the Lumaflex Body Pro worth the price tag? That's subjective. However, for anyone seeking an all-in-one solution for performance, recovery, and overall well-being, it's certainly a device worth considering. It provides a professional treatment level that's portable and user-friendly, a rather rare combination.

In the end, skepticism is healthy when approaching new technologies, but the science and results behind red light therapy seem solid. Lumaflex Body Pro offers a new way to take control of your wellbeing, potentially revolutionizing how you approach your body's care. As for me, I'm always up for new ways to recharge and rejuvenate, especially if it involves something as fascinating as light therapy.


  1. Performance Boosting: The device is designed to enhance physical performance and speed up muscle building, ideal for fitness enthusiasts or athletes.
  2. Accelerates Recovery: Utilizing red and infrared light therapy, it assists in faster recovery post-workout, reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.
  3. Pain Relief: Lumaflex Body Pro is effective for treating muscle and joint injuries, and providing pain relief.
  4. Improved Blood Circulation: The red light therapy enhances vitality and stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to overall health and wellbeing.
  5. Portable and Flexible: This device can be used at home, outside, or at the gym. Its waterproof design is another bonus for active users.
  6. FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device: This increases the credibility of the product and assures users of its safety and efficacy.
  7. Companion App: The Lumaflex app keeps track of your recovery progress, ensuring you're getting the optimal dose of therapy.


  1. Price: Despite being on sale, the device still has a relatively high price tag, which might not be affordable for everyone.
  2. Charging Time: The device takes about four hours to fully charge, which could be inconvenient for some users.
  3. Treatment Time: Each treatment session is limited to 10 minutes. For people with extensive muscle or joint issues, this might require multiple sessions a day, which could be time-consuming.
  4. Limited Research: While red light therapy has been studied for several applications, research in some areas might still be ongoing or limited, and results might vary among individuals.
  5. Dependence on App: For the best use of the product, dependency on the Lumaflex app is high. This could be an issue if you prefer a simpler, app-free lifestyle or if you encounter technical difficulties with the app.
  6. Size and Weight: Although portable, the Lumaflex Body Pro weighs 5.4 lbs and its dimensions may be a bit bulky for traveling, particularly for those constantly on the go.

 $469 (Indiegogo price)

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