LOOK x CIXI ROVER 45: Redefining Urban Mobility with Chainless Pedaling Technology

Powerful, Innovative, Design-Centric, Versatile, Chainless

What a ride we're about to embark on! Through an unusual pairing, we've witnessed the birth of a product that's already setting my heart racing with anticipation. In the rugged-yet-sophisticated beast known as the ROVER 45, the innovation of two companies – the venerable LOOK bikes and the audacious upstart, CIXI – melds in an intriguing way. It's like when a classic rock band suddenly decides to collaborate with an indie folk singer – unexpected, yet it strikes a chord.

Now, let's take a closer look at this marvel. The ROVER 45 is, essentially, an Urban SpeedPedelc – but to simply label it would be an insult. It draws from the fierce spirit of its creators, prancing around the urban jungle with the agility and resilience of a panther, thriving in the rough, concrete wild. Yet, it isn't simply about raw power; the ROVER 45 celebrates the freedom of geometry. The robust lines, connecting the frame to the rear wheel, feel like they're defying gravity – no chainstay needed here. It's packed with attention to detail, with integrated carriers, locks, and handlebars, that make it look more like a piece of modern art than a bicycle.

What catches my eye about this creation is how it honors LOOK's storied DNA while bravely striding into the electrified urban lifestyle. The CIXI’s chainless pedaling technology breathes new life into LOOK’s vision, empowering riders to forget about gear shifting or the mundane chore of chain maintenance. And thanks to the Active Pilot app, the rider can easily share a digital key, making the ROVER 45 a true symbol of communal urban living.

But the beauty of the ROVER 45 lies not just in its striking exterior, but the engineering marvel within. Powered by a 700 Wh battery, capable of reaching a maximum assisted speed of 45 km/h, and equipped with a front and rear Pannier MIK compatible, this isn't your ordinary e-bike. It's more than capable of handling everything from casual commuting to heavy-duty hauling, while the intuitive and responsive speed control provided by CIXI’s technology keeps the biking experience as natural as it gets.

CIXI's PERS system is an innovation that could shape the future of active mobility. From everyday bicycles to urban rides, and from mountain bikes to leisure and professional vehicles, this tech aims to bring a new paradigm of health and activity into our lives. Not only does it simplify manufacturing by removing derailers, gears, and chains, but it also creates a durable and reliable system that changes our perception of pedaling.

The collaboration between LOOK and CIXI has birthed a magnificent creature in the ROVER 45. It defies categorization, bridging the gap between the competitive and utilitarian worlds of biking. I can already see this fearless beast prowling the urban landscape, leaving behind a trail of changed perceptions and invigorated spirits. The ROVER 45, in my view, is more than just a product – it's a bold statement, a beacon of innovation, and a promise of a healthier, more active future.


  1. Chainless Pedaling Technology: This feature, made possible by CIXI's Pedaling Energy Recovery System (PERS), offers a new and simplified biking experience. No need for gear shifting, chain maintenance, or derailers. This is a game changer that simplifies the riding experience and reduces maintenance needs.
  2. Versatility and Performance: With a maximum assisted speed of 45 km/h, the ROVER 45 can handle a variety of scenarios from casual commuting to utilitarian trips. The 700 Wh battery ensures a long range, making it suitable for extended rides.
  3. Design and Integration: LOOK's contribution has led to a bike with integrated features like carriers, locks, and handlebars, plus a stunning design. The bike is not only a utilitarian vehicle but a piece of modern art.
  4. Healthier Lifestyle Promotion: The bike encourages physical activity, aligning with CIXI's goal of transforming the future of mobility by integrating physical activity into our daily lives.


  1. New Technology Adoption: With the PERS and chainless technology being quite new, customers might be wary of adopting this system. There could be concerns about reliability and the availability of parts or expertise for repairs.
  2. Cost: Although specific pricing isn't mentioned, high-tech features, design considerations, and the collaboration between two companies could potentially make the ROVER 45 more expensive than other e-bikes on the market.
  3. Limited Speed Control: Some users may prefer the traditional biking experience, including gear shifting for different terrains and situations. Despite the benefits, some may find the new system's lack of traditional controls a downside.
  4. Battery Life: While the 700 Wh battery provides a substantial range, heavy users may still find the need to frequently charge the battery a downside. Also, battery lifespan and replacement costs could be a concern for potential buyers.
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