Limited Edition Harley-Davidson Electric Mountain Bike

Only 1,050 units of this suspension-less mountain bike produced

The Bash/Mtn is the first electric mountain by the Harley Davidson spinoff, Serial 1. It only has a single gear and no suspension system. The reason behind the lack of what seems to be essential parts of a mountain bike according to the company is “to provide the direct connection between you and the trail.” Without a suspension to tune or a drivetrain to adjust there's no fuss and you can just focus on riding. The only shock absorption on the bike is a SR Suntour NCX seat post with up to 50mm of travel.

There's also removable 529Wh battery that gives the bike a range of up to 95 miles depending on terrain and drive mode. The Bash/Mtn is a class 1 ebike, which means the motor will only work when you pedal and will stop providing assistance when you reach 20 miles per hour. Stopping power is provided by TRP hydraulic disc brakes. Traction is provided by 27.5″ tubeless-ready tires from Michelin. All this for a cool $3,999 but only 525 of these mountain bikes are available in the US. Another 525 units are for Europe.


  • Removable battery with 95 mile range
  • Does not interfere with aerodynamic
  • Has incident recording feature


  • Probably not for hardcore trail riding
  • Camera may not be able make out license plates from far
  • Incident detection can be too sensitive
  • Expensive
Seatpost: SR Suntour NCX suspension seatpost (50mm travel)
Brakes: TRP four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm x 2.5mm brake rotors designed for ebikes (front and back)
Tires: Michelin off-road E-Wild E-GUM-X 27.5″ x 2.6″
Wheels 27.5mm x 35mm alloy rims and Sapim stainless steel spokes
Frame: Hydroformed aluminum, welded construction with internal routing
Color: Yucca Tan/ Gloss Graffiti
Fork: Aluminum
Motor: Brose S Mag, mid-drive mounting
Controller: Brose remote
Torque: 90Nm/66
Max assistance speed: 20 mph
Ride modes: Eco, Tour, Sport, Boost
Battery: 529Wh, Integrated, removable
Range: 30-95 miles (48-153 km)
Charging: 0-75% 2.6 hours
75-100% 2.1 hours
Transmission: Single speed, freewheel
Final Drive: Gates Carbon Drive belt
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Weight: 48.8 lbs (Large)
Lighting: Front LED headlight, Rear LED tail lights with integrated brake light, and illuminated headtube light
Serial 1 App: Digital security with Pinpoint accuracy, Google Maps, Virtual Garage, Record My Ride, Ride Dashboard
Mobile device charging: integrated USB-C plug up to 10W
Kickstand: rear-mounted, adjustable length

An engineer's personal build

The design of the Bash/Mtn is based on a Serial 1 engineer's personal build adapted on the Mosh/Cty model. It retains many of Mosh/Cty's features including its motor, drive belt, brakes, and integrated LED lighting.

What's different with the Bash/Mtn is the inclusion of shock-absorbing seat post, the use of off-road tires and the color options.

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