LightSKIN NACA Road: Versatile Brightness Modes & Aerodynamics for the Professional Cyclist

Aerodynamic, Bright, Versatile, Long-lasting, Compact

In the world of road cycling, where every detail matters and aerodynamics can be the difference between first and second place, a new player emerges – not in the form of a bike, but a light: the LightSKIN NACA Road. This front light promises not just to illuminate your path but to redefine what road cyclists can expect from their gear.

Imagine you're coasting down an empty road at night, your surroundings illuminated as if it was broad daylight. The NACA Road, with its integrated projection lens from automotive technology, offers such an experience. This lens ensures that the light it casts is evenly distributed, creating a ‘carpet' of light on the road. It eliminates the tunnel effect which is common with many other bike lights, making late-night or early morning rides feel as secure as daytime ones. And for those moments when you're leaning into a curve? No need to adjust your style. The light's got you covered.

The ingenuity doesn’t stop there. In terms of aerodynamics, the NACA Road borrows its design from the NACA airfoil, a shape rooted in aviation. As a result, it boasts an impressively low drag coefficient of just 0.267. When you're speeding at 45 km/h, it only consumes 0.48 W due to aerodynamic drag. So, not only does this light not slow you down, it practically dances with the wind.

Its compact design and lightweight aluminium housing, tipping the scales at just 160g, ensure durability while also effectively dissipating heat. You might wonder, with all this tech packed in, how's the battery life? More than sufficient. At a full charge, which only takes about 3 hours, you can expect over 7 hours of lighting. And yes, for those caught in an unexpected downpour, it can withstand heavy rain, although charging it during such conditions isn't recommended.

One detail to appreciate is its compatibility with any GoPro mount, allowing easy placement beneath a bike computer like a Garmin or Wahoo. However, you'll need to procure your own mount since it's not included in the package.

Four brightness modes are available to suit varying conditions: City, Touring, Sport, and Max Power. Adjusting the beam angle is straightforward, ensuring that other road users aren't dazzled by its intensity. This, combined with a sharp cut-off line, adds another layer to its thoughtful design.

And for the tech-savvy wondering why the NACA Road appears brighter than other products despite lower lumen/lux values, it’s all down to its innovative lens system. Lumen measures total light emitted and lux defines the illuminance at the brightest point. But neither reveals the actual illuminated area. The NACA Road, due to its projection lens, excels in both distance and width of its light carpet.

In my travels, I've ridden on countless roads, from sunlit streets to the darkest paths, and I've seen firsthand the importance of seeing and being seen. The NACA Road doesn't just seem like another bike light. It feels like a game-changer, setting new standards and pushing boundaries. For the road cyclists out there, the ones who chase the horizon and sometimes find themselves racing against the dying of the light, this might just be the beacon you've been waiting for. Safe travels and ride on!


  1. High Lighting Performance: With 520 lumens/90 lux peak brightness and an innovative projection lens system, it offers extensive road illumination.
  2. Aerodynamic Design: The shape of the NACA airfoil ensures low drag, with a coefficient of only 0.267, minimizing energy loss.
  3. Long Battery Life: More than 7 hours of battery life ensures extended usability on long rides.
  4. Versatility in Weather Conditions: It's dust/splash-proof according to IP66, allowing usage in heavy rain.
  5. Flexible Mounting: Compatible with any GoPro mount, it can be installed easily.
  6. Multiple Brightness Levels: Four brightness levels cater to different riding conditions, enhancing adaptability.
  7. Light Weight: At just 160g, it adds minimal weight to the bike.
  8. Anti-Glare Feature: Sharp cut-off line prevents dazzling other road users, enhancing safety.


  1. Mount Not Included: The absence of a mount in the box may be inconvenient for some users.
  2. Charging Restrictions in Rain: Although it can be used in heavy rain, charging while riding in the rain is not advisable, limiting its functionality in wet conditions.
  3. Brightness Comparison Can Be Misleading: As it shines brighter than other headlights with comparatively lower lumen/lux values, direct comparison with other products might be difficult for the average consumer to understand.
  4. Premium Features Might Not Suit All Riders: The advanced technology and performance might be excessive for casual riders, possibly reflecting in the cost.


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