LeMond All-Road Prolog e-Bike: Master of Terrains

Versatile Lightweight Champion-Designed E-Bike

In the realm of two-wheeled wonders, the LeMond All-Road Prolog e-bike emerges as a beacon of versatility and sublime craftsmanship. Crafted by the maestro himself, Greg LeMond, this ebike is the epitome of a love affair reignited between man and machine, harmonizing the blissful ecstasy of freedom with the exhilarating sensation of flight that the open road bestows upon its loyal, daring riders.

With its silhouette carved meticulously from carbon fiber, the All-Road Prolog is a featherweight champion, tipping the scales at a mere 28 pounds. Every component — the frame, fork, stem, and seatpost — is a testament to the wonders of carbon fiber, giving birth to a bicycle that is not just astonishingly lightweight but also, and perhaps more importantly, profoundly nimble and responsive to your every whim and command as you navigate through the meandering tapestry of asphalt, gravel, and perhaps, the call of the wild unknown.

Delight in the dance of control and stability as your fingers caress the slightly flared carbon drop handlebar. With the Panaracer 43-mm GravelKing tires beneath you, confidence is your companion on any terrain, whispering tales of traction and steadfastness as you embark on adventures written and those yet conceived in the sacred confluence of heart, soul, and rubber meeting the road.

The heartbeat of the All-Road Prolog is undeniably its 250-W Mahle M1 rear-hub motor, gently nudging you forward with pedal assist until you reach the brisk, wind-in-your-hair speed of 20 mph. With its embedded 36-V/250-Wh UL-certified downtube battery, the open road beckons with promises of 40 to 70 miles of unadulterated, electrified joy per charge. And joy, indeed, is the language that this e-bike speaks fluently.

Featuring a Shimano GRX 11-speed drivetrain and hydraulic brakes with robust 160-mm rotors, the Prolog doesn’t just stop at providing reliable performance; it whispers promises of journeys safely taken and adventures boldly embarked upon under the sun and the moon. Integrated lighting graces the front and back of this steed, illuminating your path with clarity and certainty, although fenders are noticeably absent.

As you survey its form — available in three intoxicating colors — and experience its function, it’s evident: Greg LeMond poured decades of cycling wisdom, innovation, and a timeless passion for the ride into the All-Road Prolog. Every detail echoes with the expertise of a champion who knows intimately the song of the road and the symphony of speed, agility, and strength that a true all-road bike must possess.

In the All-Road Prolog, fall in love with every road. Fall in love with every ride. At $5,995, it is not just a purchase; it is an investment in adventures waiting to be had and tales waiting to be told. For the connoisseur of life and the lover of the open road, the LeMond All-Road Prolog e-bike is not just another bicycle; it is poetry in motion.


  1. Lightweight Design: At 28 lbs, the Prolog is exceptionally light for an e-bike, making it highly maneuverable and easy to carry between rides.
  2. Durable Carbon Fiber Construction: The frame, fork, stem, and seatpost are all made from carbon fiber, offering a blend of durability and lightness.
  3. Versatility: Designed for various terrains, this e-bike is suitable for both city commuting and off-road adventures.
  4. High-Quality Components: Equipped with a Shimano GRX 11-speed drivetrain and hydraulic brakes, the bike offers reliable performance.
  5. Extended Range: With a 40 to 70-mile range per charge, it’s ideal for long commutes or extended rides.
  6. Designed by a Champion: Greg LeMond's extensive experience and expertise in cycling have directly influenced the bike’s design and performance.
  7. Integrated Features: The Prolog has integrated lighting for enhanced visibility and safety during rides.
  8. Sleek, Unobtrusive Motor: The Mahle drive system is almost hidden, maintaining the aesthetic of a traditional, non-electric bike.


  1. Premium Price Point: At $5,995, the All-Road Prolog may be inaccessible to some potential buyers due to its high cost.
  2. Lack of Fenders: The absence of fenders means riders may get splashed in wet conditions, which might be inconvenient for commuters.
  3. Limited Assistance Speed: The motor stops assisting at 20 mph, which might be a limitation for riders seeking higher assisted speeds.
  4. Battery Life Variability: While the range is substantial, it does vary between 40 and 70 miles, which could be unpredictable for planning long rides.
  5. Weight Limit: The carbon fiber frame has a weight limit of 250 lbs, which might exclude some potential riders.
  6. Maintenance of High-End Components: While durable and high-performing, the Shimano GRX components may require professional servicing and might be more expensive to repair or replace than lower-end parts.

Each rider's needs and preferences are different, so weigh these pros and cons carefully when considering the LeMond All-Road Prolog e-bike. Whether the allure of its lightweight design, versatile performance, and champion pedigree outweighs its premium price tag and other limitations is a decision that lies in the hands of the individual cyclist.


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