Legend Pushup Bars takes push-ups to the next level

Different push-up varieties

Better Push-ups with Legend Pushup Bars

Push-ups are great for building upper body strength because they can activate your core, chest, shoulders, triceps, and just about every other muscle in your body. 

The standard pushup is great for beginners but if you do enough of them over time, they become too easy to be as effective. Adding variety to your pushups helps. 

One way to add variety is to use Legend Pushup Bars. They add instability to pushups, making them harder to do as you engage more muscles to maintain balance.

Because you are in an elevated position when using Legend Pushup Bars, your push-ups have a higher range of motion, making them even more effective. 

Other benefits of the Legend Pushup Bar

Aside from adding instability to push-ups, the Legend Pushup Bar also helps eliminate wrist pain associated with doing push-ups as it puts your wrists in a more natural position during pushups.

Flip over the Legend Pushup Bar and you can use it like a normal push-up bar with a stable base. This is great for beginners who have not yet reached the level of strength required to do stability pushups properly.

If you want, you can use one side on stable mode and the other on rocking mode for variety. 

How it began

Legend Pushup Bars started as a Kickstarter campaign a few years back. It managed to get 164 backers for a total funding of $7,350. Not a big amount but the goal was $2,500 so it was a successful campaign. 

Now you can find it on Amazon with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 80 reviewers at the time of writing. Update: The Legend Pushup Bar can no longer be found on Amazon and marked as “sold out” on Legendbody.com, which we assume is the original seller. 


  • Makes push-ups harder
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy on the wrists
  • 2 Modes: Rocking and stable
  • Increases push-up range of motion


  • Some quality issues (rust, paint chipping)
  • There are reports of slipping foam padding


The Legend Pushup Bars can give you better results from doing pushups because it adds instability and increases range of motion making your muscles work harder.

It also reduces the risk of wrist injury from doing push-ups by putting your wrist in a natural position.

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