Kineon Move+ reduces inflammation with enhanced light therapy

Targeted relief to your knees and joints

Kineon's Move+ is an innovative wearable that combines the power of LED and laser technology to penetrate your cells for premier mitochondrial activation. With its sleek and banded silhouette, the Kineon Move+ delivers inflammation-relieving light through three Bluetooth-connected modules that sync instantly for a simplified treatment.

Designed to be worn across the knee and other joints, this device offers targeted recovery without the burden of static treatment. The adjustable strap allows for red light treatments across other muscle groups and joints, while the sturdy and snug fit stays in place as you move and walk.

The Kineon Move+ provides effective relief from aches and pains without knot-busting pressure. Unlike other recovery modalities, this device does not require carving out a window for an in-gym workout or sitting in front of a tower for an additional 15-30 minutes.

However, the Kineon Move+ lacks a companion app for control and monitoring of battery levels across the three modules, as well as controlling the unit mid-treatment. With its simple setup, Kineon could create a logical match for educating athletes on the benefits of red light therapy.

Although the adjustable strap is a highlight, a longer strap could allow for more versatile treatment opportunities. Don't let pain hold you back; recover with Kineon's Move+.

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