Intrinsic Cycles Bumper Pedal: Say Goodbye to Shin Bruises

Comfortable, Safe, Grippy Bike Pedal

Ah, the Intrinsic Bumper Pedal. Now, this is a piece of gear that's been designed with the everyday cyclist in mind, not just the adrenaline junkies hurtling down mountains or the lycra-clad racers. It's a pedal that's all about comfort and safety, and it's got a certain charm to it that I can't help but appreciate.

The Bumper Pedal is a foam-encased pedal designed to protect your shins from those painful knocks that we've all experienced at one time or another. It's soft on impact, but don't let that fool you. This pedal is stable and grippy in any weather, providing comfort and support with every stroke. It's like the perfect pair of shoes; once you've found them, you wonder how you ever managed without them.

One of the things that caught my eye is the use of Jessup brand grip tape. This stuff is used on skateboards and scooters, and it's been tested in both wet and dry conditions. It loses less than 10% of its grip when wet, which is impressive. It's like having the perfect grip on a slippery fish, without the fishy smell.

Installation seems to be a breeze, too. All you need is a wrench, either a 15mm or an adjustable one. And they've thought about different bike types, offering two sizes to fit most bikes. If you order the wrong size, they'll exchange it for free. That's a level of customer service that's as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot day.

But what really gets me is the story behind it. Intrinsic Cycles, the creators of the Bumper Pedal, are a startup from Salt Lake City, Utah. They're not about high-performance racing or extreme mountain biking. They're about making life better for commuters and people who use their bikes to get from A to B. That's a philosophy I can get behind.

So, what's my take on the Bumper Pedal? I like it. It's practical, it's thoughtful, and it's got a certain rugged charm. It's like a trusty old leather jacket – it might not be the flashiest piece of gear, but it's reliable, comfortable, and it's got your back. Or in this case, your shins.


  1. Comfort and Safety: The foam-encased design of the Bumper Pedal is meant to protect your shins from painful bumps. It's designed to be soft on impact, which could make your ride more comfortable and safer.
  2. Grip: The Bumper Pedal uses Jessup brand grip tape, which is known for its durability and effectiveness. It's been tested in both wet and dry conditions and loses less than 10% of its grip when wet. This could provide a stable and secure ride in various weather conditions.
  3. Easy Installation: The product is designed to be easy to install with just a wrench. This could make it a convenient choice for those who aren't mechanically inclined.
  4. Two Sizes: The Bumper Pedal comes in two sizes to fit most bikes, which increases its versatility. Plus, they offer free exchanges if you order the wrong size.
  5. Customer-Oriented Company: The company behind the Bumper Pedal, Intrinsic Cycles, seems to be focused on improving the cycling experience for everyday riders, not just high-performance athletes. This could mean they're more likely to listen to customer feedback and make improvements based on it.


  1. Durability of Foam: While the foam casing is a unique feature that adds comfort and safety, there could be concerns about its long-term durability. Over time, the foam might wear down or get damaged, especially with heavy use.
  2. Grip Tape Wear: The grip tape, while effective, could also wear down over time and need to be replaced. This could add to the maintenance required for these pedals.
  3. Not for High-Performance Cycling: The Bumper Pedal seems to be designed more for casual or commuter cyclists. For those into high-performance cycling or aggressive mountain biking, these pedals might not provide the level of grip or durability they need.
  4. Shipping Time: According to the Indiegogo page, the first 50 sets of Bumper Pedals are shipping immediately, but the rest will ship by July 2023. Depending on when you order, there could be a significant wait time to receive the product.
  5. New Product from a Startup: As with any new product from a startup, there's always a risk. The company may face unforeseen challenges that could affect product quality or delivery.
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