Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer Fully Loaded Home Gym

Pretty much all you need in a home gym

Inspire's FT2 Functional Trainer has about everything you need in a home gym with a reasonable footprint, a lot smaller than if they were separate dedicated equipment. It features 4 sliding pulleys, 2 upper pulleys, 2 sliding adjustable height pulleys, a smith bar, a pull-up bar, 2 upgradeable weight stacks, and a complete accessories kit. The clever design of the smith bar allows it to connect to the weight stack so there's no need for weight plates. The smith bar itself can be used for squats, bench presses, and more. And it uses hooks that act as a spotter so you can use it safely without a partner.

The FT2 comes with 2 165-lb weight stacks and be upgraded to a 215-lb weight stack each. Other add-ons include a leg extension/leg curl attachment, a preacher curl attachment, ab bar, and a bench.

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