HUNT 42 Limitless Gravel Aero Wheelset: Defying Boundaries

Speed, Stability, Aero Performance, Durability, Innovation

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. That’s the mantra that keeps me going, and it applies to more than just globetrotting; it's the way I approach everything, including this HUNT 42 Limitless Gravel Aero Wheelset.

In the world of wheels, these beauties are a standout. Their aerodynamic optimization is clearly built for speed, and they're designed to hold their own in crosswinds too. That's a rare combination in a gravel wheelset. No more getting bogged down when you're out on the open road; these wheels promise to keep you going, whatever the weather.

The industry-leading engineering talent at HUNT is apparent in this piece of gear. They’ve pushed the envelope and created a wheelset that's not just practical, but pretty damn impressive too. They've balanced aesthetics with performance, aerodynamics with stability, and the result is a wheelset that's second to none.

The 42 Limitless Gravel wheelset has been tested against the world's best aero wheels and it's come out on top. This wheelset doesn’t just help you keep pace with the competition – it leaves them in the dust. Plus, it has an incredible advantage over non-aero gravel wheels, offering significant watt savings. That's the kind of efficiency that can make a real difference on a long ride.

This wheelset is more than just a collection of numbers and specs, though. It's been designed with real-world usability in mind. The attention to detail is exquisite, from the CeramicSpeed's world-renowned low-friction coated bearings, designed for off-road use, to the Pillar Wing spokes with their aerofoil profile. Every element has been carefully thought out and meticulously implemented.

One feature that stands out is the FastEngage 7.5 Hubs. With an engagement rate of just 7.5°, they're the epitome of efficiency. The leaf-sprung, multi-point pawls and 48 ratchets in the hub shell are a testament to HUNT's commitment to quality and performance.

But what really gets me about these wheels is the H_CARE lifetime crash replacement. Accidents happen. It's part of life on the road. But knowing that HUNT has got you covered, that they'll replace your wheels if they get damaged, that's invaluable. It gives you the freedom to ride hard, to push your limits, without worrying about what might happen if things go wrong.

In the box, you get everything you need to hit the road. Tubeless tape and valves, spare spokes, axle adapters – it's all there. Even a quality control card signed by your wheel builder, a personal touch that shows the level of care that's gone into creating these wheels.

If you're serious about your ride, if you want a wheelset that's going to perform no matter what the road throws at you, then the HUNT 42 Limitless Gravel Aero Wheelset is worth a serious look. It's more than just a piece of equipment; it's a promise of endless possibilities, of limitless journeys. And that's a promise I can get behind.

As someone who appreciates a good ride, I can see several pros and cons of the HUNT 42 Limitless Gravel Aero Wheelset:


  1. Aerodynamics and Stability: This wheelset is optimized for maximum speed and crosswind stability. It allows riders to move fast over inconsistent surfaces without worrying about being slowed down by wind resistance.
  2. Performance: Proven to offer the lowest aerodynamic drag among tested gravel-specific wheelsets under 50mm depth. It offers significant watt savings over non-aero gravel wheels, increasing efficiency and potentially rider speed.
  3. Quality Construction: The CeramicSpeed's world-renowned low-friction coated bearings and Pillar Wing spokes with aerofoil profile show HUNT's commitment to quality components.
  4. H_CARE Lifetime Crash Replacement: This is a huge benefit for cyclists who push the limits. Knowing that the company will replace the wheels in case of damage is a huge peace of mind.
  5. Serviceability: The wheelset is designed to be easy to service, with external spoke nipples and an array of spare parts included in the package.


  1. Weight: At 1548g, while not the heaviest, it's not the lightest wheelset on the market. For those who prioritize weight savings, there might be lighter options available.
  2. Price: Given the advanced technology and high-quality materials used in this wheelset, it's likely to be more expensive than many other options on the market.
  3. Specific Use Case: It's optimized for gravel and may not be the best choice for those who mainly ride on roads or paved surfaces.
  4. Bearings: While the CeramicSpeed's bearings are renowned for their low friction and toughness, they are still not immune to wear and tear, especially when used extensively off-road. Regular maintenance would be required to keep them at their best.
  5. Wheel Size Limitation: The wheelset is designed around a 25mm internal rim width optimized aerodynamically for 38-42c gravel tires. Those who prefer to use wider or narrower tires may not experience the full benefits of the wheelset's design.
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