HOKA Restore TC: Laceless Wonders with Plush Footbed Comfort

Laceless, Comfortable, Sustainable, Vegan, Stylish

In the ever-shifting landscape of footwear, where rugged designs are gracing the streets as often as the trails, HOKA brings something new to the table.

Take a step into the future with the HOKA Restore TC. Forget the laces, these are not just your average slip-ons. Modeled after the HOKA TC 1.0s – which are top-notch runners in their own right – the Restore TCs are designed with the urban soul and the environment in mind.

Weighing just 11.30oz, with a modest 5.00mm heel-to-toe drop, these shoes are meant to caress your feet. With a plush footbed offering neutral stability, they’re not just easy to slide into, but are also a haven for tired feet. And if you're someone who likes to feel the breeze between your toes, the full-knit sock lining welcomes you to go barefoot. Add to that the engineered stretch zones, ensuring that you get a fit snug enough to be secure but not suffocating. Planning on hitting the trails? The EVA toe cap has got you covered against any pesky debris.

But there’s more. These shoes are a testament to sustainable style. The 100% recycled polyester strobel board, the dope dyed polyester upper that saves water in its production, and the use of 30% sugarcane-based EVA insole and a 20% sugarcane-based EVA outsole all showcase a commitment to our planet.

And for those of you who are conscious about what you wear and its impact on all living creatures – yes, these are vegan.

Starting at $110, you get the luxury of maximal comfort with minimal materials, wrapped in a sleek package that's designed with the circular economy in mind. And if you're looking for more color options to match your style, HOKA promises new hues coming to their website soon.

In an age where every step counts – both in style and in sustainability – the HOKA Restore TC seem like a solid stride in the right direction. Whether you're recovering from a hard workout or just seeking everyday comfort, these might just be your new best friends. So, step forward and leave a lesser footprint behind.


  1. Laceless Design: Simplified slip-on style for easy wear.
  2. Comfort: Plush footbed with neutral stability and a full-knit sock lining offers all-day comfort.
  3. Engineered Fit: Stretch zones ensure a snug but not restrictive fit.
  4. Versatility: City-friendly design, yet equipped with a protective EVA toe cap for potential trail use.
  5. Sustainability:
  • Made with 100% recycled polyester strobel board.
  • Uses water-saving dope dyed polyester upper.
  • Incorporates 30% sugarcane-based EVA insole and 20% sugarcane-based EVA outsole.
  1. Vegan: No animal products used, appealing to environmentally-conscious and vegan consumers.
  2. Price Point: Starting at $110, it's competitively priced for a high-quality, sustainable athletic shoe.
  3. Variety: More colorways promised, allowing for personal style expression.


  1. Durability Concerns: Being laceless and designed mainly for comfort, they may not be as durable as traditional athletic shoes, especially for rigorous activities.
  2. Fit Issues for Some: Slip-ons might not provide the custom fit that laces offer, potentially leading to fit issues for some individuals.
  3. Limited Styles: As of now, limited colorways are available, though more are promised soon.
  4. Specialized Care: Due to the unique materials used, they may require specialized care or cleaning methods.
  5. Targeted Primarily for Recovery: May not be suitable for high-intensity athletic activities or specific sports.
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