HeyBike Horizon: The Folding Fat-Tire eBike

Robust, foldable, stylish, innovative, comfortable

Embarking on an urban adventure or traversing the untamed trails, the latest offering from HeyBike promises a ride that's as smooth as it is versatile. This isn't just any ebike—it's a folding fat-tire marvel designed to redefine the way we think about mobility.

The Horizon is a true feat of engineering, seamlessly blending the robustness of a 750-W rear-hub motor with the finesse of a Horst-Link suspension system. Imagine the ease of pedaling through bustling streets or the joy of a beach party, all within reach thanks to the pedal-assist system that peaks at a powerful 1,200 watts. And when the urge to venture further into the wild takes hold, this ebike stands ready to respond.

What's remarkable about the Horizon is not just its ability to take you up to 55 miles on a single charge at its most efficient setting, but also its thoughtful design that brings the beauty of a West Coast sunset to life. The gradient color of the frame isn't just about aesthetics; it symbolizes the boundless potential within each rider and the innovative spirit that HeyBike channels into its creations.

The ride experience itself is unparalleled. With the introduction of 24-inch fat tires, the suspension system not only absorbs the jolts and bumps of uneven terrain but also diminishes the effects of braking forces on your journey, ensuring a ride that's as comfortable as it is controlled.

The practicality extends to the ebike's foldable frame, which collapses to conveniently storable dimensions without compromising on the thrill of the ride once unfolded. The inclusion of a rear cargo rack and an optional front basket adds a layer of utility, making it an ideal companion for both the daily commuter and the weekend explorer.

Safety and visibility are also at the forefront, with an auto-adjusting headlight and braking tail-light ensuring you're seen whether in the daylight hustle or during nocturnal escapades. Plus, with the ebike's pairing ability with a smartphone app, you're always informed about the status of your ride.

This isn't just an ebike; it's a statement. It's a limited edition, with each unit marked by a custom plaque that bears its unique serial number—a nod to the exclusivity that HeyBike offers.

In summary, the Horizon isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about the experience in between. It's for those who value the journey as much as the destination. For $1,699, it invites riders to a world where every commute is an opportunity for adventure, and every path taken is a chance to unleash one's unique style. It's a testament to the fact that practicality and performance can indeed go hand-in-hand with style and individuality.


  1. Powerful Motor: The 750-W rear-hub motor with a peak of 1,200 watts provides ample power for both city commuting and off-road adventures.
  2. Long Range: Offers up to 55 miles of pedal-assist range, allowing for extended trips without frequent recharging.
  3. Quick Charging: The battery can be fully charged in 3-4 hours, ensuring the ebike is ready to go when needed.
  4. Advanced Suspension: Horst-Link rear suspension coupled with hydraulic front suspension smooths out rough terrain, enhancing rider comfort.
  5. Hydraulic Disc Brakes: These offer reliable stopping power for safer rides, especially in harsh conditions.
  6. Portability: The foldable design makes it easy to store and transport, ideal for those with limited space.
  7. Safety Features: Equipped with an auto-adjusting headlight and braking tail-light for increased visibility.
  8. Smart Connectivity: Pairs with a smartphone app for status updates and ride information.
  9. Aesthetic Appeal: The sunset-inspired gradient color design is unique and stylish.
  10. Limited Edition: Each bike comes with a custom plaque with a unique serial number, adding to its exclusivity.


  1. Weight: At 79 lb (35.8 kg), it may be heavy for some users to lift into a vehicle or carry up stairs.
  2. Cost: Priced at $1,699, it may be considered an investment compared to other ebikes in the market.
  3. Limited Information: As a new release, there may be limited reviews or user feedback available to assess long-term reliability and performance.
  4. Size of Tires: While the 24″ x 4″ fat tires are great for stability, they could make the bike cumbersome in tight urban spaces.
  5. Limited Edition: While this adds to its uniqueness, it also means that once the 500 units are sold, it may no longer be available for purchase.


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