Henty Enduro 2.0: Superior Agility Meets Exceptional Hydration on the Trail

Agile, durable, comfortable hydration pack

There's a certain freedom that hits when the trail opens up ahead, the only sound being the crunch of tires against dirt and rock. You, your bike, and the open trail; an intoxicating blend of exhilaration and harmony. Now, you wouldn't head out there unprepared, would you? This is where the Henty Enduro 2.0 enters the fray, every mountain biker's ticket to a streamlined, hydration-packed ride.

At its price point, ranging from $129 to $149, this baby is built with the everyday adventurer in mind. Its design is not just about slinging a bag on your back. The attention to detail speaks volumes about its purpose.

The Enduro 2.0 snugly nestles close to your center of gravity, as if it's an extension of your own body, giving you agility in spades. The gnarliest terrain doesn't phase this trusty companion; it stays put. When the terrain gives you a hard time, this pack gives you a break, maintaining its position, ensuring no awkward shifts to break your flow.

Then there's the storage. A myriad of pockets and the handy webbing keep your necessities easily accessible while on the go, acting as your mobile tool belt. Everything has a place, nothing is in the way, and you're free to focus on what matters: the ride.

And let's talk about comfort, because the folks at Henty sure did. The ventilation design of this pack is a godsend, efficiently warding off that dreaded sweaty back syndrome. Mesh back panels enhance stability, while offering that all-important air circulation. The Enduro 2.0 doesn't just carry your essentials, it's also mindful of your comfort.

The materials used are no slouch either. The Cordura 500D nylon spells durability while remaining lightweight, ready to take the hard hits without weighing you down. And the color choices? Well, they've got you covered with everything from stealthy black to striking orange.

We can't overlook the 3L HydraPak Shape-Loc Reservoir, it's your personal oasis in the desert of exertion, featuring a 122cm hose and blaster valve for easy access hydration. Furthermore, the adjustable shoulder and chest straps, coupled with a 10cm rear velcro extension, make this pack fit for all body shapes and sizes.

From lumbar impact protection to the Molle webbing, it's clear this pack isn't just a carrying case, it's a partner. It's designed to be part of you, to merge with your form and movements, and to offer protection when you need it. The Henty Enduro 2.0 is the hydration pack choice for cyclists, but in my humble opinion, it's a little more than that. It's the gear that keeps you moving forward, pushing the boundaries, and ultimately, exploring the freedom of the open trail.


  1. Strategic Placement: The design positions the pack close to your center of gravity, enhancing your agility and stability on challenging terrain.
  2. Storage: Abundant pockets and webbing allow for efficient organization and quick access to essentials.
  3. Comfort: The pack's ventilation design minimizes the discomfort of a sweaty back. Mesh back panels provide additional stability and improve air circulation.
  4. Durable Material: The use of tough Cordura 500D nylon ensures a robust, lightweight pack capable of withstanding hard hits.
  5. Hydration: The inclusion of a 3L HydraPak Shape-Loc Reservoir with a 122cm hose and blaster valve allows for easy hydration on the go.
  6. Adjustability: The adjustable shoulder and chest straps, along with a 10cm rear velcro extension, allow the pack to accommodate a variety of body shapes and sizes.
  7. Protective Features: The pack offers lumbar (including hips and kidney) impact protection.
  8. Color Choices: Available in a variety of colors to suit individual preferences.


  1. Price: The price range of $129 to $149 might be on the higher end for some potential buyers.
  2. One Size: Despite the adjustable straps and extensions, there's always a chance the pack might not fit everyone perfectly.
  3. Limited Hydration Capacity: The 3L HydraPak might not suffice for prolonged, intense rides.
  4. Storage Limitation: While the pack boasts plenty of pockets, it may not offer enough space for those planning a multi-day journey or those needing to carry additional gear.


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