HEAD Prestige Tour Tennis Racquet: A Nod to the Classic, an Embrace of the Future

Power, Precision, and Singular Identity

Well, there's something enchanting about the rhythm of the game, the exchange of energy, and the feeling of raw power when your racquet meets the ball. That all begins with a tool perfectly designed for the task, like this updated HEAD PRESTIGE TOUR TENNIS RACQUET.

This beast has a certain allure to it, not just for any player, but specifically for those technical tournament players who know their way around a court. It's about precision. The exquisite balance and the weight – unstrung at 315 g or 11.1 oz – allows you to command the ball's trajectory with an authority that’s equally scientific and poetic.

A racquet is an extension of the arm. The elongated shaft on this one brings to mind the classic flex and feel that's been adored on the Tour since '87. And this is paired with a box beam cross-section for stabilizing the frame, giving you that maximum control you crave. The full cap adds to the signature impact feel and makes an unmistakable sound that's music to a tennis player's ears.

Now, one thing that really sets this racquet apart is its Auxetic construction. This isn't just a fancy term. It's a technology that defines how the racquet behaves under force. This thing actually widens when you pull and contracts when squeezed. It's not just reactive; it's practically alive. The more force you apply, the more it responds. It's a symbiotic relationship, like a dance, with your racquet as your partner.

The HEAD size of 615 cm² or 95 in² is a sweet spot – not too big, not too small – just right for the tour player looking for a precise weapon in their arsenal. The string pattern of 16/19 is a fantastic middle ground, offering control while retaining power.

And let's not forget aesthetics, because who said functional can't be beautiful? The racquet boasts a distinctive see-through carbon element. Each one is unique, like a fingerprint, lending the racquet an identity that's all its own. Its design is a modern nod to the PRESTIGE frames from the 1980s, with a captivating translucent Bordeaux color that screams premium.

In my hands, this racquet feels like an old friend, one that understands your past and pushes you towards the future. It's a tool, yes, but it's also a companion on the court. A piece of your journey. A symbol of the love of the game, of the pursuit of excellence, and of the courage to compete. It's more than a racquet – it's a part of who you are as a player.


  1. Auxetic Construction: This unique technology enables the racquet to respond to different forces by widening when pulled and contracting when squeezed. It enhances the racquet's performance and your control over the ball.
  2. Elongated Shaft: This design feature is beloved by many players for the classic flex and feel it provides, reminiscent of the golden days of tennis back in '87.
  3. Optimal Weight and Balance: With an unstrung weight of 315 g (or 11.1 oz) and a balance point of 315 mm / 1 in HL, this racquet offers control, precision, and power, making it an excellent choice for technical tournament players.
  4. Distinctive Aesthetics: Each racquet boasts a unique identity thanks to the see-through carbon element. The 1980s inspired design coupled with a captivating translucent Bordeaux color adds a dash of nostalgia and style.
  5. Box Beam and Full Cap: These features stabilize the frame for maximum control while offering a signature impact feel and a characteristic sound upon striking the ball.
  6. Reasonable Price Point: At $219, the racquet offers an excellent blend of advanced features, high performance, and beautiful aesthetics, making it a worthy investment for serious players.


  1. Not Beginner-Friendly: Given its focus on precision and technical performance, this racquet might not be the best choice for beginners or occasional players.
  2. Weight: Despite its optimal balance, some players might find the unstrung weight of 315 g (or 11.1 oz) a bit on the heavier side, potentially affecting maneuverability during extended matches.
  3. String Pattern: The 16/19 string pattern provides a balance of control and power, but may not suit those players who prefer more spin in their game.
  4. Smaller Head Size: The 615 cm² or 95 in² head size may present a challenge for those who are not used to this style of racquet, as it offers less margin for error.


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