Hase Bikes Gravit Dust: The Ultimate Combo of Cargo and Gravel Bike in One

Versatile, Lightweight, Capacious, Adjustable, Sporty

There's something deeply gratifying about the perfect blend of function and form, and that's exactly what the Gravit Dust from Germany's Hase Bikes accomplishes. It's not often you come across a piece of gear that marries the convenience of a cargo bike with the exhilarating performance of a gravel bike. This versatile ride is equally at home on bustling city streets, gravel paths, or the untamed wilderness of off-road trails, and it does it all with a panache that's hard to resist.

Gravit Dust redefines the realm of possibilities for cargo bikes. They've often been the functional but dull choice, overlooked for sports or touring due to their cumbersome design. But this game-changer, in its vibrant candy purple attire, infuses sporty performance into a design that still carries the goods when needed.

Constructed with a telescoping 6061 aluminum alloy frame, it's robust without being unwieldy. The hefty 50 x 82-cm cargo platform mounted upfront is an engineer's dream, holding up to 40 kg of luggage securely fastened by a cargo net. Despite this, the Gravit Dust itself is surprisingly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 20 kg. Whether it's bikepacking gear or groceries, this beauty accommodates it all without breaking a sweat.

One might argue that all this cargo convenience may limit its capability as a sports bike, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The bike can be modified for regular rides on roads or trails by removing the cargo board, and the frame can be shortened, making it as nimble as any gravel bike out there.

This chameleon of a bike effortlessly adapts to riders between 1.5 and 2 meters in height. It boasts Ergotec drop handlebars for an aggressive riding posture, and comes with a 20-inch front wheel and a 26-inch rear wheel, both adorned with Schwalbe Billy Bonkers tan-wall tires. As for gears and brakes, Shimano has you covered with an 11-speed Deore gearset and mechanical disc brakes.

The Gravit Dust comes with a starting price of €3,790 or about US$4,250. Sure, it's a pretty penny, but for the flexibility and functionality it provides, it's worth considering. And if you're not a purist, you can even opt for an e-bike version with a 250-W Shimano Steps E6100 and 504-Wh battery.

In conclusion, the Gravit Dust by Hase Bikes isn't merely a product; it's an exciting twist on what we understand by a cargo bike. It's a gravel bike with the soul of a cargo bike, or perhaps a cargo bike with the heart of a gravel bike. Either way, it's an exciting proposition for anyone wanting to push their limits while also having the option to carry their world with them. Hase Bikes has certainly struck a chord with this design, and I'm all here for it.


  1. Versatility: The Gravit Dust is a cargo bike and a gravel bike rolled into one. Whether you're traversing city streets, riding on gravel paths, or exploring off-road trails, this bike is designed to handle it all.
  2. Payload Capacity: Despite its sporty performance, this bike doesn't skimp on cargo space. The 50 x 82-cm cargo platform can hold up to 40 kg of gear, a boon for bikepackers or city dwellers with hefty grocery lists.
  3. Lightweight Construction: Made from 6061 aluminum alloy, the Gravit Dust weighs only 20 kg, a significantly lower weight than many cargo bikes in the market. This can contribute to easier handling and better speed.
  4. Adjustability: If you don't require the cargo capacity, the cargo board can be removed, and the frame shortened, converting it into a regular gravel bike for sporty performance.
  5. Wide Range of Riders: The design accommodates a broad range of rider heights, from 1.5 to 2 meters, making it suitable for a diverse set of users.
  6. Electric Option Available: If you're not fond of pure pedal power, Hase Bikes offers an e-bike version of the Gravit Dust, equipped with a 250-W Shimano Steps E6100 motor and a 504-Wh battery.


  1. Price: With a starting price of €3,790 (or about US$4,250), the Gravit Dust is definitely a premium offering. Its high cost might be a deterrent for budget-conscious cyclists.
  2. Size When Fully Extended: While the bike is designed to be compact when necessary, with the cargo board attached, it can be fairly long, which could be challenging to navigate in densely crowded urban settings.
  3. Lack of Enclosed Cargo Space: While the cargo net system allows for a flexible cargo arrangement, it doesn't provide the same level of protection or security as an enclosed cargo box.
  4. Mechanical Disk Brakes: While functional, mechanical disc brakes are generally considered less effective than their hydraulic counterparts, especially in wet conditions or on steep descents.
  5. Limited Gear Range: With an 11-speed Shimano Deore gearset, the Gravit Dust might not provide as wide a gear range as some other dedicated gravel or touring bikes.

€3,790 (~ US$4,250)

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