Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana (Ride Build): Experience the Revolution in Carbon Tech

Robust, adaptable, feature-rich mountain bike

Imagine staring down a steep, rutted mountain trail, your adrenaline spiking as you mount your steed. Not just any steed, but the Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana, a monster of a machine built to tackle the kind of gnarly terrain that would send a lesser bike whimpering back to the garage.

An initial glance at the beast is enough to set the heart racing. Its robust frame, courtesy of Revved Carbon technology, gives off an aura of sturdy resilience that whispers tales of daring downhill exploits. This material not only ensures the bike's durability, but also contributes to a smoother ride quality. It's like the bulletproof vest of the biking world.

As for the Gnarvana's geometry, it's an impressive and thoughtful mixture of innovation and customization. Its modular frame offers a tantalizing choice, allowing you to adjust the suspension travel, wheel size, and chainstay length, all of which are beneficial as your skills on the trail evolve over time. The GeoAdjust Headset further personalizes the experience, offering a reach adjustment of up to 10mm for optimal handling.

Its suspension is another feature that deserves praise. The 160mm travel distance, complemented by a RockShox Zeb Select Fork and Super Deluxe Select Shock, invites you to flirt with gravity, promising a safe and exciting ride back to solid ground.

And of course, we can't forget the role of a reliable drivetrain. The SRAM NX Eagle setup, from shifter to derailleur, ensures seamless gear shifts even on the most challenging inclines or rapid descents.

But what's a ride without some handy onboard storage? The Gnarvana is generous in this department. The Frame Storage Bracket, a GG feature since 2016, provides enough room to stow your essential gear, allowing you to be well-prepared for any mid-ride adjustments or quick repairs.

My only beef? Despite being a direct-to-consumer offering, the lack of a local shop for immediate assistance might not sit well with some. Yes, the assembly process is pretty straightforward, requiring just around 30 minutes, but there's always a chance you'll run into a hiccup. The rider support hotline and online owner’s area are there to fill in, but they may not fully replace the hands-on expertise you'd get from a local bike shop.

Overall, the Gnarvana from Guerrilla Gravity is an extraordinary piece of engineering that would make any thrill-seeker's heart flutter. It's a bike that understands your daredevil aspirations while also taking care of the small details that ensure you enjoy the ride. In essence, it's an extension of you – the fearless, fun-loving, and endlessly adventurous rider. All of this, I dare say, for just under five grand, seems like quite the bargain.


  1. Revved Carbon Frame: The carbon construction makes this bike light yet extremely durable, a critical aspect for enduring rough trail riding.
  2. Modular Frame Platform: This design allows riders to adjust the suspension travel, wheel size, and chainstay length as their riding skills evolve. This adaptability could extend the bike's useful life.
  3. GeoAdjust Headset: This feature allows riders to adjust the reach by up to 10mm, optimizing handling and enhancing the bike's overall performance.
  4. High-Quality Components: The bike is outfitted with top-tier components like RockShox suspension and SRAM drivetrain, which ensure a smooth and reliable ride.
  5. Frame Storage System: This unique GG feature since 2016 allows riders to carry essential gear, enhancing convenience during rides.
  6. Direct-To-Consumer Pricing: By avoiding the middleman, Guerrilla Gravity can offer this bike at a lower cost, providing more value for the money.


  1. Lack of Local Support: Being a direct-to-consumer product, it may be challenging to get immediate local assistance for bike tuning or troubleshooting.
  2. Assembly Required: While it only takes around 30 minutes, riders need to assemble the bike themselves, which could be intimidating for some, especially those less familiar with bike mechanics.
  3. Heavy Weight: At approximately 35.5 lbs (16.1 kg), it's a bit on the heavy side compared to some other models in its class, which might affect maneuverability for some riders.
  4. Limited Size Options: With only three proprietary sizes available, some riders might find it difficult to get a perfect fit.

In conclusion, while the Gnarvana has a few potential drawbacks, its strengths lie in its high-quality construction, adaptability, and value for the money, making it a worthy consideration for dedicated trail riders.

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