GoTenna – Send Text Messages when there’s No Signal

No cell, wifi, or satellite required

Perfect for off-grid adventures, the goTenna is a small, lightweight device that pairs with your smartphone to allow you to communicate with goTenna users even when there's no wifi, cell, or satellite signal available. 

It allows you to send messages or share your location with other users for free. You can avoid the need to buy a sim card on your travels if you only need to communicate with your fellow travellers. 

The goTenna can also act as a backup communication network in emergency situations when traditional networks are not functioning. 

Unfortunate if doesn't allow you to make calls. The goTenna works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth and then connects to other phones via long-range radio waves. It works anywhere in the world and might be handy during a natural disaster. 

Works with both Android and iOS devices. 


  • No wifi, cell, or satellite required
  • No license required
  • No monthly bill
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Private chats are end-to-end encrypted. 


  • Range is limited (like radio)


The goTenna may be great for huge groups of families that need to stay in touch no matter what when off the grid or while travelling. 

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