Garmin Forerunner 965 Smartwatch a minor update to the 955

Forerunner 965 compared to the 955

One of the biggest upgrade in the Forerunner 965 over its predecessor the Forerunner 955 is the Amoled display. The Amoled display is more vivid and renders faster motion responses compared to Garmin's Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) display technology used in the previous model without consuming more power. Battery between the two models is similar with up to 31 hours of battery life in GPS mode but the 965 has a bigger screen (1.4″) and a higher display resolution with 454 x 454 pixels compared to the 955's 1.3″ screen resolution of 260 x 260 pixels while the case size remains the same. Also, the Forerunner 965 now has an always-on display.

Other physical differences between the 965 and the 955 include the use of titanium for the bezel instead of plastic and the use of Gorilla Glass 3 instead of Corning Gorilla Glass DX. There's still no ECG, no LTE functionality, and the solar version is not yet available.

Everything else between the two Forerunners is similar or the same, which is not much of a surprise considering the 955 was just released 9 months before. The 965 retails for $599.99 and the 955 is $499.99. The $100 extra is essentially for a bigger and better display and the titanium bezel.

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