FUELL Folld-1: Compact & Mighty Adventure Fat-Tire Folding E-Bike!

Versatile, Robust, Comfortable, Efficient, Adventurous

With the dawn of the FUELL Folld-1, leisure biking experiences are being reimagined and redesigned. There’s a subtle beckoning in its sleek frame and robust tires, inviting both the weekend warrior and the daily commuter to envision a ride that’s painted with broad strokes of adventure and practicality, encapsulating the thrill of off-road trails and the utility of city navigation in a single masterpiece.

In crafting the Folld-1, a particular attention to the canvas of comfort was evident. Embarking on an odyssey across the fractured tapestry of uneven terrains becomes a ballet of smoothness. The high-quality suspension systems at the front and rear work tirelessly, flattening rugged roads with a finesse that mirrors the caress of a gentle breeze. The fat, 4-inch tires are not mere rubber meeting the road; they are the stabilizers of your journey, offering a ride that whispers in the language of comfort and stability.

Let’s not overlook the engine room of this elegant vehicle — a significant 720 Wh Samsung battery, a powerhouse, assuring you a pedal assist range that whispers promises of 70 miles. It's a whisper you can trust, a silent assurance that you can ride further, longer, and with a carefree spirit that only the certainty of distance can offer.

And for the moments when your heart seeks the thrill of speed, when the uphill terrains challenge, smirk and dare, Folld-1 rises to the occasion with its impressive Bafang motor. Whether you're under the skies of the US with a 750-watt motor or navigating the EU with 250 watts, the Folld-1 winks with the confidence of a top speed that hits 20 mph and 25 km/h respectively without breaking a sweat.

Designed to fold into a fraction of its size, the Folld-1 is an intimate companion for the urban commuter. It understands the language of space; it fits snugly into small corners, while also being prepared to handle the roughest and toughest of roads with a grace that is unmatched.

Yet, there’s more to its design and function than meets the eye. The throttle control on the US version nudges you gently, offering a ride where pedaling is optional, where you can feel the wind playfully tugging at your hair as the Folld-1 propels forward with determination and ease.

Crafted from a single-piece magnesium alloy frame, there’s a beautiful contradiction in its build; it's lightweight, yet it boasts durability that laughs in the face of daily wear and tear, making it a folding e-bike that doesn't just promise but delivers.

With its spokeless mag wheels and hydraulic disc brakes, the Folld-1 has simplified maintenance, significantly reducing the hours you’d spend ensuring it's roadworthy. It respects your time, allowing you more of it to explore, to ride, to live.

The quick and efficient charging is the cherry on top, going from empty to 80% in a mere four hours, and reaching full charge in six. It’s ready when you are, fully charged and eager for the adventures the day holds, from the morning's first light till the evening shadows fall.

And should you wish to bring only the battery into your home, leaving the steed in the stable, it obliges. The removable battery is easy to store and charge, making the process not a chore, but a simple, thoughtless routine.

In the FUELL Folld-1, you aren’t just finding a folding e-bike; you’re discovering a partner in exploration, a reliable companion ready to take on the city streets and the whispering forest trails with equal gusto and reliability. With the Folld-1, the world unfurls before you, waiting to be explored, one ride at a time.


  1. Versatile Use: Designed for both city commuting and off-road adventures, serving a dual purpose.
  2. Robust Construction: Single-piece magnesium alloy frame offers lightweight yet durable build quality.
  3. Superior Comfort: High-quality front and rear suspension systems along with 4-inch fat tires provide a smooth and stable ride on uneven terrains.
  4. Long Range: Large 720Wh Samsung battery enables up to 70 miles of travel on a single charge in pedal-assist mode.
  5. Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust motor (750-watt in the US, 250-watt in the EU) allowing for top speeds of up to 20 mph (US) / 25 km/h (EU).
  6. Space-Efficient: Folding design allows for easy storage and transportation, fitting into tight spaces.
  7. Low Maintenance: Spokeless mag wheels and hydraulic disc brakes minimize the need for regular maintenance.
  8. Fast Charging: The battery can be charged from 0 to 80% in four hours, and fully charged in six hours.
  9. Convenient Battery System: The removable battery allows for easy charging and storage without needing to move the entire bike.
  10. Throttle Control (US only): Offers an option for riding without pedaling.


  1. Motor Power Variance: The motor’s power differs between the US and EU models (750W and 250W, respectively), which may affect performance expectations for international users.
  2. Limited Throttle Control Availability: Throttle control is available only in the US version.
  3. Premium Price Point: The advanced features and quality build come with a higher cost compared to basic e-bikes.
  4. Learning Curve: With its unique features and controls, new users might take some time to fully master riding the Folld-1.
  5. Battery Dependence: While the battery life is impressive, once depleted, the rider might find the bike challenging to use until the next charge due to its weight and thick tires.
  6. Weight Considerations: Despite its foldable design, some users may still find it relatively heavy to carry around for extended periods.
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