Forbidden Dreadnought: Perfect Balance of Playfulness and Control for Mountain Biking

Stability, Control, Innovation in Mountain Biking

My friends, as I introduce you to the Forbidden Dreadnought, you'll find that it's more than a mere bicycle; it's a moving testament to human ingenuity and the fierce spirit of adventure.

Built for those not faint of heart, this monster of a machine sits at the forefront of rugged and relentless, just waiting for the perfect daredevil to harness its unchained power. The Dreadnought doesn't care about polite company or manicured landscapes. It wants to breathe in the wild air and tear through every nook and cranny of this beautiful, unpredictable world we inhabit.

Its meticulously crafted Trifecta suspension system –a high pivot point design– facilitates a completely rearward trajectory, allowing the bike to remain unfazed by boulders, stumps, or whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw in your way. It's not simply that this machine can conquer any terrain; it's the graceful, confident manner in which it does so.

And let's talk about the clever anti-rise system that brilliantly counters the fork dive associated with heavy braking loads. It's a remarkable blend of engineering and artistry that results in a consistently stable chassis under the most aggressive of riding conditions. Truly a triumph of design.

The heart of the Dreadnought lies in its Rate Control Linkage, manipulating the leverage rate as the suspension compresses, ensuring a ride that's as smooth as it is powerful. And the idler pulley, so cunningly positioned, enables the anti-squat characteristics that make this beast's pedaling efficiency legendary.

With an astonishing price tag of $8,499, the Dreadnought is an exquisite investment for any adrenaline junkie seeking new thrills on enduro or bike park terrains. For the full-suspension aficionado, it's a worthy addition to your stable. For the competitive daredevil, it's your loyal companion, ready to back you up on the most intimidating of race stages.

With meticulous attention to geometry and sizing, the folks at Forbidden have crafted an extraordinary riding experience, consistent across all frame sizes. And their emphasis on maintaining a balanced weight distribution further amplifies the handling precision. The effective and actual seat angle, the head tube lengths, all contribute to an almost uncanny, comfortable fit for riders of all statures.

The carbon construction speaks of a robustness and ride quality that's hard to match. The Dreadnought stands tall and proud, equipped with a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate, a testament to its power. Yet, it's flexible, with compatibility for custom-tuned Push ElevenSix, Fox Float X2 or Ohlins TTX2 Air, should your heart desire something else.

The Forbidden Dreadnought, my friends, is a tour de force of mountain biking machinery, a culmination of hard-earned knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to riding performance. It's built for the mavericks, the thrill-seekers, and the trail blazers. So, grab your helmet, mount this beast, and let the Dreadnought take you on an unforgettable ride. One thing's for sure, with this ride beneath you, fear is not an option.


  1. High-Pivot Suspension: The unique Trifecta suspension system and its high pivot design offer an all-rearward axle path, allowing the rear wheel to move with the impact, not against it. This ensures a smooth, composed ride, no matter how rough the terrain.
  2. Dynamic Weight Bias: The bike is designed to feel playful when riding high, but automatically stabilizes and becomes more composed during bigger impacts or when compressing. This is perfect for adventurous riders who want to feel the thrill but still maintain control and stability.
  3. Efficient Braking System: The Dreadnought has a significant level of anti-rise that counteracts fork dive under heavy braking, ensuring chassis stability and consistent handling even under intense braking scenarios.
  4. Rate Control Linkage: This feature allows fine tuning of the leverage rate as the suspension compresses, resulting in a ride that can absorb repetitive hits without harshness and easily take the big hits and landings.
  5. Efficient Pedaling: The bike’s idler pulley system ensures efficient pedalling ability, allowing for a stable response even under significant strain.
  6. Inclusive Design: The bike's geometry and sizing ensure a consistent ride experience for all riders, regardless of size or stature. Also, the bike can comfortably fit a full-size water bottle, which is not always the case with bikes of this caliber.


  1. High Cost: With prices starting at $6,299 and going up to $8,499, the Dreadnought could be considered quite pricey for the average mountain biker.
  2. Weight: Although the weight isn't specified, with all the added features and sturdy build for rough terrain, the bike might be on the heavier side, which could be a disadvantage for some riders.
  3. Learning Curve: Given the high pivot design and the unique anti-squat and anti-rise characteristics, some riders may require a period of adaptation to fully exploit the Dreadnought's capabilities.
  4. Maintenance: With its sophisticated suspension system and many features, the Dreadnought could potentially require more frequent or more complex maintenance than a simpler bike.

From $6,299

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