Flite x Marc Newson Electric Hydrofoil: Unveiling Ocean’s Luxurious Glide!

Lightweight, Sleek, Durable, Intuitive, Exclusive

Take a moment to visualize the cobalt blue canvas of the ocean, the caress of the sea breeze and the taste of salt in the air, the symphony of waves as your playground, and in this tantalizing setting, introduce the protagonist: the Flite x Marc Newson Electric Hydrofoil.

Marc Newson, Australia’s prodigal son, a designer whose strokes of genius have reverberated through diverse canvases from aviation to luxury, collaborates with Flite, a herald of aquatic adventure. Their creation? An eFoil that’s as tantalizing as the call of the ocean, with promises of unmatched thrill and exquisite design.

Each piece, limited in its edition, is an ode to the connoisseurs of water sports and elegance. Weightless, almost like the air, at a mere 43 pounds, the world witnesses the birth of its lightest eFoil. Crafted meticulously with Japanese high-modulus pre-peg carbon fiber and titanium inserts, it's a hymn of strength sung in whispers, evoking the delicacy of an ancient samurai sword and the resilience of modern aerospace technology.

And speaking of technology, the Monobloc eFoil doesn't just dance; it flows, a single, seamless entity of mast, fuselage, and tail, eliminating the need for the mundane – joints, bolts, seams – presenting instead a visage of strength and streamlined grace, reducing drag while promising responsive, intuitive rides across the undulating blue.

This masterpiece is accommodating, inviting all to its fold, from the tentative novice finding their sea legs to the seasoned riders whose veins pulse with the rhythm of the waves. The MN86 configuration whispers to beginners and heavier riders, while the MN60 is the chariot for those lighter or with experience under their belt. For those whose hearts beat for the power of the swell, the MN60 Wave awaits with open arms.

Your ride is accentuated with the MN Flite Controller, an exquisite piece of technology with wireless inductive charging, animated real-time feedback and a display that’s a riot of colors and intuitive data, beckoning you to understand the waves, to feel their pulse and predict their dance.

Newson’s design philosophy is evident, a careful, delicate balance where form meets function, where the carbon fiber body, unadorned, speaks volumes of its quality, highlighting not just the material but the craftsmanship, the art that goes into its creation. Narrow, with reduced surface resistance, it promises better hydrodynamics, greater lean angles, and a lower swing weight, details that might escape the untrained eye but sing sonnets to those who understand the language of the sea.

And for those who appreciate the allure of details, there is plenty to feast upon: a voronoi pattern that’s as functional as it is distinct, inspired by nature’s geometrical poetry found in turtle shells and eagle rays; flush mount silicone handles that are there when needed, invisible when not; a battery-release mechanism that’s as simple as it is durable.

And lest you think the allure ends there, there's more under the hood, or rather, the deck. Underneath its exquisite exterior is a technological heart that beats with the wisdom of the Flite App, keeping you connected, updated, and part of a global community that shares your passion, your thrill, your love for the waves.

As you ride atop this marvel of design and engineering, know that each component, from the titanium nose cone to the carbon fibre wings, is a testament to speed, smoothness, and the next evolution of performance and durability.

So, there it is, a ride worth its weight in gold (or should we say, lightweight carbon fiber?), ready to slice through the waves, offering an experience that’s as unparalleled as it is exquisite. With a price tag that matches its exclusivity and craftsmanship, it's not just a purchase; it's an investment, in thrill, in elegance, in the endless adventure that the ocean promises and the Flite x Marc Newson Electric Hydrofoil delivers.


  1. Lightweight Design: At 43 pounds, it’s heralded as the world’s lightest eFoil, making it portable and maneuverable.
  2. Superior Materials: Constructed with Japanese high-modulus pre-peg carbon fiber and titanium inserts, it ensures strength and durability.
  3. Innovative Design: Collaboration with Marc Newson, one of the world’s most influential designers, brings a blend of function and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Seamless Integration: The Monobloc eFoil offers a single, integrated entity of mast, fuselage, and tail, eliminating unnecessary joints, bolts, and seams for better hydrodynamics.
  5. Versatility: Catering to a range of riders, from beginners to pros, it offers different configurations such as MN86, MN60, and MN60 Wave.
  6. Intuitive Control: The MN Flite Controller offers real-time wave data, wireless charging, and an animated display, enhancing the riding experience.
  7. Community & Tech Features: Integration with the Flite App offers firmware updates, ride data, and connection to a global community of enthusiasts.
  8. Safety and Durability: Enhanced safety features in battery design, weatherproof materials for the controller, and robust construction techniques.


  1. Price Point: With such high-end design and materials, it might come with a hefty price tag, making it less accessible to the general public.
  2. Limited Edition: Being limited to 999 configurations could make it hard to procure for interested buyers.
  3. Learning Curve: With advanced technology and design features, there might be a steeper learning curve for novices.
  4. Maintenance: Given the high-end materials and tech features, maintenance might require specialized services or could be pricier.
  5. Battery Concerns: While the battery offers advanced features, its performance and longevity in real-world conditions remain to be tested. Additionally, proprietary safety measures, while promising, would need practical validation.

From $17,499

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