Andrea Mocellin’s Revolve Air: Unfold Freedom with Innovative Wheelchair Technology

Innovative, Compact, Lightweight, Foldable Wheelchair

Navigating through the hustle and bustle of airports is a task daunting enough for the seasoned traveler, and even more so for those dependent on wheelchairs. Enter the Revolve Air, a piece of finely crafted engineering designed to alleviate the woes associated with wheelchair travel.

Picture a device crafted with such precision and thoughtfulness, that it doesn’t just serve its primary function of mobility but folds into itself like a piece of art, compact and unobtrusive, ready to accompany you overhead rather than being relegated to the rough handling of the cargo hold. It’s not just a wheelchair, but a companion streamlined for travel.

Two years ago, whispers of the Revolve Air's inception reached our ears when it was a mere prototype, a promising glimmer in its creator's eyes. Today, it stands testament to the ingenuity of Andrea Mocellin, the Italian mobility designer whose vision and trademark folding wheel technology brought this revolutionary device to life.

What sets the Revolve Air apart is its innovative wheel design, replete with a central hub enveloped by six folding aluminum structures, replacing the traditional spokes we’ve come to know. Each aluminum rim, meticulously crafted, locks into six interlocking sections, each dressed with foam-filled tires. Like the dependable embrace of an umbrella, these spokes and rim sections fold neatly between the central hub, a silent symphony of movement initiated by the simple release of a locking mechanism.

Don’t let the sleek aluminum frame fool you. Though it whispers elegance, it also folds into itself, serving as a sanctuary for the folded wheels, shrinking to 60% of its original glory without losing its strength or integrity. This transformed device is light, weighing in at 10.8 kg (23.8 lb), making it not only an easy carry but also a fit for the overhead compartments that grace our airliners.

The beauty of the Revolve Air is not merely skin deep; its allure lies in the independence it offers its users. Gone are the days where one has to part with their wheelchair, leaving it at the mercy of baggage handlers while having to adapt to unfamiliar airport-supplied chairs, an experience often fraught with inconvenience and discomfort. With the Revolve Air, your trusted companion travels with you, sitting snugly above, ready to unfold and embrace you upon arrival.

As you plan your next journey through the skies, consider the freedom the Revolve Air promises. With a pledge of €4,681 (about US$4,939), this masterpiece can be yours, promising not just mobility but a seamless travel experience. For those who find allure in the wheels alone, a set can be procured for €2,838 ($2,995), ready to bring a breath of innovation to third-party folding wheelchairs at the retail price of $3,500.

As you traverse through terminals, bask in the quiet confidence that the Revolve Air imparts, with each journey a page turned, each destination a new chapter written in the annals of wheelchair mobility. Safe travels.


  1. Compact Design:
    The wheelchair can be folded to 60% of its original size, making it extremely portable and travel-friendly.
  2. Carry-On Compatible:
    Due to its compactness, it qualifies as carry-on baggage, allowing users to keep the chair with them during flights.
  3. Innovative Wheel Technology:
    The Revolve folding wheel technology is a unique feature that facilitates the chair's compact design.
  4. Lightweight Frame:
    Weighing only 10.8 kg (23.8 lb), it's lightweight and manageable for users to handle and transport.
  5. Independence for Users:
    Users won’t rely on airport wheelchairs and services, granting them more independence and comfort during travel.
  6. Durable Construction:
    Crafted from durable aluminum, it's designed to withstand the rigors of travel while maintaining its functional integrity.
  7. Optional Wheel Purchase:
    Consumers have the option to purchase the innovative wheels separately to attach to third-party folding wheelchairs.


  1. High Cost:
    With a price point starting at €4,681 (about US$4,939), it might be financially inaccessible for some potential users.
  2. Learning Curve:
    The unique folding mechanisms may require users to spend some time learning how to efficiently use and fold the chair.
  3. Limited Availability:
    Currently available through Kickstarter, its accessibility is limited, and production scale is yet to be determined.
  4. Potential Durability Concerns with Folding Parts:
    While the folding mechanism is innovative, the multiple moving parts might raise concerns about long-term durability and maintenance.
  5. Not Tested Over Time:
    Being a relatively new product on the market, there’s limited customer feedback and long-term reviews available for potential buyers to evaluate its performance over time.
  6. Dependent on Funding Success:
    The production and delivery of the wheelchair are contingent on the success of the ongoing crowdfunding campaign.

From €4,681

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