FLEXTAIL ZERO PUMP: The Ultimate Backpacker’s Dream Inflator

Ultra-light, rapid, durable sleeping inflator

In the world of backpacking, every ounce counts. After a day of rugged terrain, where your feet have done their share and your back is feeling every inch of the trail, you don’t want to be huffing and puffing just to inflate your sleeping pad. Enter the FLEXTAIL ZERO PUMP, the world's tiniest hero for weary travelers. Touted as the smallest pump for sleeping pads, this little gadget is less hefty than a Snickers bar and claims to inflate a pad in just 50 seconds. If that doesn't get a nod of appreciation from someone who's just traversed a mountain, I don't know what will.

FLEXTAIL's origin story sounds like the beginning of a great adventure – a meeting of three passionate souls during a hiking trip back in 2012, inspired by the picturesque sights of Machapuchare. Since then, the team behind FLEXTAIL has been on a quest to unburden backpackers and elevate the outdoor experience. Their emphasis on ultralight and high-performance gear is evident in the ZERO PUMP.

Using advanced AIRVORTECH™ technology combined with a nifty micro-motor, this pump promises top-notch performance without adding bulk. A feature I find genuinely intriguing is its double-duty capability: it doesn’t just inflate, it deflates too. Imagine the ease of packing up, with a device that’s a breeze to operate and even manages to save up to 70% space with indoor vacuum bags.

Concerned about durability? This pump boasts a sturdy design with high-strength aluminum alloy coating and a touch of 304 stainless steel. Beauty and resilience in one sleek package. Plus, its anti-drop feature assures it stands tall, even in the most challenging environments.

But it's not just about sleeping pads. With up to six multipurpose nozzles, the ZERO PUMP is versatile, catering to various outdoor demands. Got a leaky pad? Their soft rubber nozzles ensure a tight connection, minimizing any air leakage issues.

In the unpredictable wilderness, anything can happen. Blackouts? You're covered. The replaceable battery feature is not only eco-friendly but also ensures you have power at your fingertips. Even better, the same battery can be shared with your headlamps – a neat feature for the minimalist traveler.

Starting at a commendable $27, the ZERO PUMP seems to offer genuine value, especially when considering its functionality and potential lifespan. It's heartening to see that it has garnered ample support, surpassing its initial goal within a day on Indiegogo. Slated for shipping in November, I'm curious to see if this tiny titan lives up to its promise. For backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts, the FLEXTAIL ZERO PUMP could be the difference between a restless night and a rejuvenating sleep under the stars.


  1. Ultra-lightweight and Compact: Weighing just 1.2oz and measuring 1.02* 2.95in, it's ideal for weight-conscious backpackers.
  2. Quick Inflation and Deflation: The pump inflates sleeping pads in 50 seconds and deflates them just as efficiently.
  3. Versatile Utility: Comes with 6 multi-purpose nozzles, making it adaptable for various inflatable products.
  4. Extended Battery Life: Can inflate up to 25 sleeping pads consecutively. Additionally, its replaceable battery feature offers sustained usability.
  5. Durability and Design: Built using high-strength aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel, it’s designed for longevity even in tough environments.
  6. Safety Measures: Features like double-click to turn on reduce the risk of accidental activation during movement.
  7. Avoids Mold Issues: Reduces the risk of moisture and mold in sleeping pads by eliminating the need to inflate with breath.
  8. Convenient Battery Sharing: The battery can be shared with devices like headlamps, adding to the utility while reducing the number of batteries to carry.
  9. Eco-friendly Design: Replaceable battery feature means users don’t have to dispose of the whole unit when the battery dies.
  10. Attractive Pricing: With early bird prices starting from $27, it's affordable and offers value for money.


  1. Reliability Concerns: Being a new product on the market, its long-term reliability in diverse conditions is yet to be tested.
  2. Battery Dependency: The need for batteries can be a concern for extended trips where recharging or replacing batteries might be challenging.
  3. Noise Level: While the noise level is reduced, it's unclear how loud it is compared to other products or if it could disturb others in a quiet camping environment.
  4. Potential Compatibility Issues: Even though it comes with multiple nozzles, there’s always a chance it might not fit every product in the market.
  5. Shipping Uncertainties: As with many crowdfunded products, there's a possibility of delays in shipping or unforeseen production challenges.

From $27

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