Fiido Titan: Unleash the Ultimate Ebike Adventure with Unmatched Range

Robust, Long-Range, Off-Road Ebike

Imagine setting off into the sunset, the cityscape shrinking in your rearview as you pedal towards the horizon. There's a certain electric bike that might just redefine your limits of adventure — meet the Fiido Titan. This isn't just another ebike; it's a robust steed engineered for those who seek the path less traveled, those uncharted trails that whisper tales of the wild.

This ebike’s claim to fame is its staggering range — while your average power-assisted two-wheelers might tap out at a respectable 50 miles, the Titan promises to keep you cruising for up to a staggering 248 miles. That's not just a jaunt across town; it's a voyage, an epic in the making. With a trusty 696Wh battery housed sleekly in the downtube and the option to flank it with two additional batteries, this machine ensures the only reason you'll stop is because you want to, not because you have to.

Sure, it's got the muscle for long hauls, but the Fiido Titan is no one-trick pony. It's outfitted for the rough and tumble too, boasting fat tires and a suspension ready to soak up the bumps and grinds of off-road riding. Whether it's a meadow, mud, or even a shallow creek, the Titan is game. And should you desire to push the envelope further, uncapping the 750W motor sends you flying at speeds of up to 28 mph. Not to mention, it's smart; a custom algorithm finely tunes this ride to the rigors of cargo bikes.

This ebike's spirit is matched by its smart tech. A full-color display keeps you informed while the backlit buttons sit at the ready for your command. And for those who treasure convenience, a companion app brings keyless control to your fingertips.

But don't mistake the Fiido Titan for a mere workhorse. Its design acknowledges the balance needed between rugged capability and rider comfort — a spacious rear rack awaits your gear, and the saddle promises a touch of luxury even when the trail gets tough.

Now, the Fiido Titan isn’t just a testament to engineering prowess, it's a nod to the adventurers, the explorers, and the dreamers. At a starting price that respects the ingenuity it brings to the table, this ebike stands as a beckoning to those who dare to go further. So, if your heart beats for the wild yonder, this might just be the ebike that turns those distant dreams into dust on your trail.


  1. Extended Range: The Fiido Titan offers an impressive range of up to 248 miles with its triple battery system, significantly more than the average ebike.
  2. Versatile Performance: Designed for off-road use with fat tires and hydraulic suspension, it's capable of handling a variety of terrains.
  3. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 750W rear hub motor that can be uncapped to reach speeds up to 28 mph.
  4. Carrying Capacity: A robust rear rack and a payload rating of up to 440 pounds make it suitable for carrying heavy gear.
  5. Advanced Features: Includes a full-color IPS display, smart control via an app, and quality of life components such as hydraulic disc brakes and a comfort saddle.
  6. Smart Design: The bike uses a torque sensor for more natural power assistance and has a nine-speed gearset for varied riding conditions.


  1. Battery Management: Requires manual swapping of batteries from the rear rack to the downtube when the main battery is depleted, which could be cumbersome.
  2. Weight: At 83 pounds, it is quite heavy, which may affect its portability and handling when not powered on.
  3. Cost: The higher-end triple battery model is notably more expensive, which could be a significant investment for some buyers.
  4. Speed Limitation: The default speed is electronically limited to 15.5 mph, and uncapping it to reach higher speeds may not be legal in all areas or may require additional licensing.
  5. Size and Storage: Its robust build might require more storage space, and the large size may not be ideal for tight urban spaces.
  6. Maintenance: As with all complex machines, the advanced features and multiple batteries might complicate maintenance and servicing.

From $1,699

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