Feel the Power of the Multipod with KASK Elemento

Revolutionary Aerodynamics, Comfort, and Safety

Ah, the thrill of the open road, the exhilaration of a hill conquered, the camaraderie of the peloton, and the glory of the finish line. It all comes into play when you're on two wheels. There's no better companion to aid in this quest than the KASK Elemento.

This is not your average piece of protective gear. It's a piece of art, a piece of tech, and a piece of faith all rolled into one. Aerodynamics, you ask? This is a helmet that could teach a falcon a thing or two about slicing through the wind. Weighing less than the dreams of a feather, it sets a new standard in helmet design, whether you're taming asphalt, mud, or gravel.

Let's talk comfort. The Elemento understands that your performance is as much about temperature regulation as it is about sweat and strain. The novel Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod technologies provide a symphony of safety, comfort, and thermoregulation.

Fluid Carbon 12, the Mozart of this symphony, is a composite technopolymer with an uncanny ability to disperse the energy of an impact. Like a martial artist turning an attacker's energy against them, it spreads the force across the helmet, rather than letting it concentrate in one spot.

Meanwhile, the Beethoven of the composition, Multipod, serves a dual purpose. Not only does this 3D-printed padding protect your precious cranium from impacts, but it does so irrespective of the direction of the force. Think of it as a personal bodyguard that's always alert, always ready.

It's no surprise that the Elemento earned five stars from Virginia Tech's rigorous testing. But hey, we don't live our lives by stars and scores, do we? It's all about feeling good, performing better, and making our own stories. That's the magic of this helmet.

Field tested by none other than the INEOS Grenadiers Cycling Team, the Elemento was born and bred in the crucible of top-tier athletic competition. It's like having the wisdom of seasoned veterans guiding you every time you hit the pedals.

In essence, the Elemento is more than a helmet. It's a commitment to be ahead of the game, an embodiment of innovation, and a beacon of safety and comfort. So, wherever your two-wheeled adventures take you, the Elemento promises to be your trusty ally, always keeping you in your element. Strap on, ride on, and let the world unfold before you.

The KASK Elemento indeed presents an impressive set of features that could make any cycling enthusiast's heart race. However, as with any product, it's essential to evaluate both the positives and negatives.


  1. Aerodynamics and Lightweight: The Elemento is built with an emphasis on superior aerodynamics and a light build, contributing to decreased drag and less strain on the rider, thus enhancing performance.
  2. Thermal Comfort: With an emphasis on thermoregulation, this helmet aims to provide comfort in various weather conditions, which is essential for long rides.
  3. Innovative Technologies: The introduction of Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod technologies is impressive. The ability of the helmet to absorb and distribute the energy from impacts evenly can potentially result in reduced injuries in the event of an accident.
  4. Improved Safety: The Multipod technology can withstand linear and rotational impacts equally, thus enhancing overall safety. This is further reinforced by the five-star rating from Virginia Tech.
  5. Field-Tested: Being tested by INEOS Grenadiers Cycling Team gives the helmet professional validation, as it has been put through the paces in real-world, high-performance scenarios.


  1. Price: At $400, while the cost might justify the high-end features and technology, it may be a barrier for casual riders or those on a budget.
  2. Availability: Such high-tech products are sometimes limited in availability, making it difficult for average consumers to acquire.
  3. Maintenance: The use of advanced materials like Fluid Carbon 12 and the 3D printed Multipod could potentially make the helmet more challenging to clean or maintain.
  4. Compatibility: Not all riders might find the helmet to be comfortable or a good fit. Since fit and comfort can be highly individual, some might find the design doesn't work for them.
  5. Complexity: With the high-tech design and components, some users might find it difficult to fully understand and take advantage of all the features the Elemento offers.

In conclusion, the KASK Elemento seems to be a remarkable piece of gear aimed at serious, performance-focused riders. However, potential customers should weigh the costs and potential complexities against their cycling needs and budget.


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