Feel the Game Differently with Babolat Pure Drive’s Unique Sensory Experience

Powerful, Versatile, Innovative, Sensory, Dominant

There's a certain beautiful rhythm to life, and indeed to any game. You'll find this rhythm in music, in art, in literature, and yes, in tennis. A well-executed backhand, a quick, agile dash to the net, a serve that smashes into the court, these are not just athletic maneuvers – they're a language. A symphony of body, mind, and soul, married to the instrument that makes it all possible: the racquet.

For those with a hunger for power, one racquet rises above the rest, pulsating with the promise of untamed energy: the Pure Drive. Its reputation is well earned. This isn't a racquet, it's a legend in your hand, a myth realized in graphite and tension. Introduced to the world in 1994, this piece of sports history has since become a staple on the tennis court. It's not just a bestseller, it's a statement. Every swing is a story told, every impact a thunderous applause to your ability.

The 10th generation of this iconic racquet enhances your game with power that'll shake your opponent to their core and a feel that’ll soothe your athletic soul. It’s a balance not commonly found, an experience waiting to be unfolded. It's a versatile tool, designed for every player seeking a decisive edge in their game.

The Pure Drive shines when the going gets tough. It's designed for explosivity, for that ‘extra pop'. When the ball is off center, or the intensity of the game reaches fever pitch, the racquet stands tall. Its new lay-up creates a unique sensation on impact that's more than a feeling, it's an acoustic melody that sings with each swing.

But what’s power without control, or force without feel? Enter the High Torsional Rigidity (HTR) system and SWX Pure Feel technology. The HTR system, a new innovation embedded in the hoop of the racquet, amplifies your potential for those explosive winners, while the SWX Pure Feel technology, with its cutting-edge vibration filtration system, integrates within the lay-up composition for an unparalleled feel and unique sound on every shot.

Add to it, the elliptical frame structure ensures optimal resistance and rigidity for a punch of power that's as beautiful to behold as it is devastating to receive.

Look beyond its technical characteristics and you'll find a racquet that feels like an extension of yourself. With a 100 in² head size, 27 in length, and a modest unstrung weight of 10.6 oz, it’s manageable yet robust. The balance of 320 mm, a stiffness of 72 RA, and the 16/19 stringing pattern offer a symphony of specifications that come together to bring forth power and performance in a harmonious blend.

The Pure Drive is an unstrung melody waiting for your hands to strum its strings, waiting for you to feel its rhythm, its energy, its potential. It’s a testament to its times and a nod to your ambition. It’s more than just a racquet. It’s an experience, a journey, an adventure. It's your unfair advantage. So step on to the court and let the world bear witness to the power you hold.

Let the game begin. Let your legend be born. Let the Pure Drive guide you. Let's play.


  1. Explosive Power: The Pure Drive is renowned for its power, making it an attractive option for aggressive players looking to dominate games with heavy strokes.
  2. Versatility: It's an incredibly versatile racquet suitable for a wide range of skill levels and playing styles.
  3. Enhanced Feel: Thanks to the SWX Pure Feel technology, the Pure Drive offers a heightened feel and unique sound on impact, enhancing your sensory experience.
  4. Stability: The High Torsional Rigidity (HTR) system adds significant stability, improving your shot accuracy and consistency.
  5. Durability: With its Graphite composition and Elliptic frame structure, this racquet offers exceptional durability, resisting wear and tear of regular use.


  1. Price: At $249.00 (unstrung), the Pure Drive may be on the higher end of the price spectrum for some players, especially beginners or casual players.
  2. Potential Over-Power: With its focus on power, some players, particularly those with a finesse-based game or those just starting, might find the Pure Drive overly powerful and challenging to control.
  3. Less Touch: Given its power orientation, it might not provide the level of touch or feel that some advanced players seek for drop shots and delicate volleys.
  4. Requires Custom Stringing: As it comes unstrung, players will need to have it strung separately, which may incur additional cost and effort.
  5. Stiffness: With a stiffness rating of 72 RA, some players might find it slightly rigid, which could potentially lead to discomfort or arm fatigue over prolonged use.


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