eXXite Next: Embrace a New Age of Urban Cycling with the Smart Seatpost Battery

Technologically Advanced Urban Ebike

Riding through the sprawling urban landscape, navigating the intricacies of the city streets has never felt so graceful, so sleek, and so downright exhilarating as it does on the eXXite Next. This is a true marvel of contemporary design, where less is decidedly more, where form and function harmoniously merge.

With its clean lines, it's a visual joy, an aesthetically pleasing blend of minimalism and forward-thinking design. It's an embodiment of the smart city ethos – modern, efficient, environmentally conscious, and distinctly urban. But this bike isn't just about its looks; the performance matches the impressive exterior.

Your journey will be powered by a 36V 14Ah Next Battery, which shows that size indeed does matter when it comes to the electric bike world. It gives you all the juice needed to experience the city in a unique, energized way, while keeping your ride smooth, controlled, and well, simply electric.

The eXXite Next strikes a balance between agility and stability with its 27.5” wheels. This bike isn't just light on its feet, it's a featherweight champion of the city streets, coming in at 22 kg plus a 3 kg battery. And with an engine that packs a 250W and 50N/m punch, it provides an assistance of up to 25km/h to help you zip through the city streets.

Integrated within this sleek frame is the MiniEIVA device, giving you full control over the bike. It's an urban voyager's dream, designed for the design enthusiasts and tech aficionados seeking cutting-edge mobility solutions.

But let's not forget about safety, which is paramount on these city streets. The mechanical disc brakes come with regenerative technology and there's an integrated bell. Not only that, but powerful front and rear lights are built right into the frame, ensuring maximum safety for those late-night rides.

Now, here's something that truly sets the eXXite Next apart: the all-integrated Smart Seatpost. This ingenious piece of design integrates the saddle with the battery, creating a lightweight 3.5kg component that you can take with you anytime you park your bike. It's a handy feature that drastically reduces the risk of theft, but also lets you charge your battery without hauling around the entire bike.

For the active souls out there, the eXXite Next offers an innovative feature – RegenFit™. It transforms your bike into an indoor smart trainer. Imagine competing against your own bike's motor, adjusting resistance levels, and recharging the battery all at once. It's not just about mobility; it's about maintaining your active lifestyle, even when you're indoors.

In a world where we're constantly connected, the eXXite Next doesn't disappoint. It comes equipped with the EIVA 2.0 software, providing a platform to monitor, control, and customize your bike's functionality.

Whether you're a tech lover, a design enthusiast, or simply a city dweller with a penchant for active lifestyle and modern mobility solutions, the eXXite Next is more than a bike; it's an experience. It's an embodiment of the modern spirit – of a life lived on the move. So, are you ready for your Next ride?


1. Minimalistic, Contemporary Design: The eXXite Next stands out with its sleek, modern aesthetics. It's an elegant piece of engineering that won't look out of place in the most design-conscious urban landscapes.

2. High-Performance Battery: With a top-performing 36V 14Ah battery, this ebike offers a reliable power source that optimizes the bike's performance. The Smart Battery also provides a range up to 80 km, which is excellent for longer rides.

3. Intelligent Technological Features: From the Intelligent Pedal Assist System (iPAS) that measures pedaling speed and adjusts power accordingly, to the Intelligent Regenerative Brake Sensor (iRBS) that extends the range of each ride by converting torque into electricity, this bike is loaded with smart, user-friendly technology.

4. Safety and Security: The integrated safety features, including mechanical disc brakes with regenerative technology, built-in front and rear lights, and a locking seat clamp for securing the battery and saddle, are great touches that prioritize rider safety and bike security.

5. RegenFit™: This unique feature allows you to convert your ebike into an indoor smart trainer, recharging your battery while you exercise indoors. It's an innovative approach to maintaining an active lifestyle and reducing the need for extra equipment.

6. Compact and Powerful Motor: The eXXite’s Smart Hub motor is compact yet powerful, delivering the necessary speed and torque to ensure a fast, safe ride through the city.


1. Weight: Despite being marketed as a lightweight option, 22 kg (plus 3 kg for the battery) may still be considered heavy by some, particularly if you need to carry the bike up flights of stairs.

2. Cost: With a price tag of €3.150,00, the eXXite Next is quite an investment. This price range may not be affordable for all potential riders.

3. Rider Height Limitations: The ebike is recommended for riders between 170 – 200 cm. If you fall outside this height range, the bike may not be the most comfortable fit.

4. Back-Pedal Brakes: The feature of braking when pedaling backwards could take some time to get used to for riders accustomed to conventional braking systems.

5. Required RegenFit Stand: To utilize the RegenFit™ technology for indoor training, an additional stand is needed. This could be an inconvenience and additional cost for some users.

In summary, the eXXite Next is a well-crafted, technologically advanced urban ebike. It is an ideal fit for design-conscious, tech-savvy city dwellers with an active lifestyle. However, it comes with a significant cost, and its weight and height restrictions might not suit all potential users.


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