Experience Uncompromised Cycling with TranzX EDP01’s Shortest Wireless Dropper Post

Wireless Dropper Post: Simple, Robust

The bike trail beckons. The wild beauty of the great outdoors calls out. And then, there's this tool, a little bit of tech magic for your two-wheeled steed. The EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post. It's a nifty slice of the future you can bring to your biking experience right here in the present. No strings attached. Literally.

Right off the bat, cables? Those ancient contraptions? Pshaw. This beauty's wireless. No cables to run from your dropper lever to the post. Installation's a breeze, and maintenance? A thing of the past. Keep your hands dirty from gripping the earth, not wrestling with outdated tech.

Short but not insignificant, this gadget boasts up to 200mm of travel. And remember, less is more. The EDP01 is one of the shortest wireless droppers out there, making it compatible with more bikes. Your trusty steed, whatever its make, won't be left out.

To speak of its nuts and bolts, you've got travel options of 170 & 200mm, diameters of 30.9 & 31.6mm, all wrapped up with a sealed adjustable air cartridge. And with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity, you're bringing your biking experience firmly into the 21st century. Come rain or shine, the IPX 66 rated water resistance will make sure your adventure never stops.

As for power, it's packing a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Imagine all the energy of a bright-eyed morning in a tiny silver casing. And that remote lever? It’s powered by a common CR2032 battery, keeping things uncomplicated, just the way we like it.

At $499, this tech marvel, the offspring of TranzX's three-decade-long experience, is within reach. They've made a name for themselves focusing on practicality and quality, and this little piece of kit reflects that.

The EDP01 is all about simplicity and reliability. So, whether you're a Sunday cyclist or an off-road daredevil, this dropper post will make your ride smoother, simpler, and keep you focused on the journey, not the maintenance.

In short, this is not just a piece of gear; it's a commitment to uncluttered joy, to the exhilarating freedom of the trail. Take a deep breath, feel the wind in your hair, the earth beneath your wheels, and know that the EDP01 has got your back. Wireless and effortless. It's a new dawn for riders everywhere. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the freedom.

This EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post packs quite a punch, but as with all products, there are some pros and cons to consider. Here's a rundown:


  1. Wireless Connectivity: No need for pesky cables running from your dropper lever to the post. This makes for a cleaner setup and easier installation.
  2. Broad Compatibility: One of the shortest wireless droppers available, with two diameter options (30.9 & 31.6mm), making it compatible with a wide range of bikes.
  3. Durable & Weather-Resistant: With an IPX 66 rated water resistance, this dropper post can endure varying weather conditions, which means more fun in the sun, rain or even snow.
  4. Rechargeable Battery: The lithium-ion battery is not only energy-efficient but also rechargeable, meaning you can cut down on battery waste.
  5. Simplicity & Reliability: The TranzX brand has a reputation for creating practical, reliable components and this dropper post is no exception. This, coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, offers a fuss-free biking experience.


  1. Price Point: At $499, it might not fit everyone's budget. The price might seem steep for casual riders or those new to the biking scene.
  2. Weight: At 730-748g depending on diameter, it's not the lightest dropper post on the market. This could be a con for those seeking to minimize their bike's overall weight.
  3. Battery Life: While rechargeable, the battery only lasts for around 6,000 activations per full charge. This may require frequent recharging for heavy users, which could prove inconvenient.
  4. Limited Travel Options: With only two options available (170mm & 200mm), some riders may feel restricted. If your bike's frame requires a different travel length, this dropper might not be the best fit.
  5. Direct-to-Consumer: As this is a direct-to-consumer product, there's a potential lack of in-store support. If you prefer in-person assistance with installation or troubleshooting, this could be a disadvantage.


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