Experience Supreme Comfort and Safety with POC’s Omne Air Mips Helmet

Lightweight, Protective, Ventilated, Adjustable, Stylish

Picture this, my friends, you're pushing pedals on a winding road, feeling the cool morning breeze brush past your face. Now imagine doing so, without a worry in your mind, because atop your noggin is the fortress we call the POC Omne Air MIPS Helmet. Not just any ordinary gear, this is your trusted co-pilot, your unassuming hero, your ticket to brave the uncharted roads with your two-wheeler.

When we’re threading the needle through the thrumming morning traffic, or challenging our friends on the trails at our weekly get-togethers, the Omne's multi-purpose protection empowers us to confidently chart our own course. With its MIPS protection, it’s like having a silent guardian, diligently keeping those pesky rotational forces at bay upon impact.

The design of this helmet is akin to the composition of a beautifully orchestrated piece of music. Every detail serves a purpose, every element sings its own tune yet harmonizes with the others. The clever folks behind this product have managed to strike a balance between safety and style that's quite remarkable.

The weight, for instance. With a claimed weight as low as 285g for a small size, it’s hardly noticeable once you put it on. The lightweight size adjustment system makes it a cinch to find your perfect fit, almost as if this helmet was bespoke. And let's not forget the easily adjustable straps which improve not just your comfort, but also your safety.

What about the ventilation, you ask? Well, they've got that covered too. Ventilation channels are generously scattered across the helmet, mimicking the function of a tree canopy on a sunny day, providing shade while allowing for an airy, cooling effect. Even on the hottest of days, the Omne ensures your cool demeanor remains unperturbed.

Now, let's talk about appearances. This helmet sports a slim profile, almost reminiscent of a classic fedora, with a modern twist. It's sleek, it's stylish, and it certainly adds a dash of charm to your ride.

In conclusion, my friends, the POC Omne Air MIPS Helmet is not just a piece of protective gear; it's a statement, a testament to your adventurous spirit, and a nod to your taste for quality. It's a product that delivers superior levels of comfort, fit, and performance, meticulously designed to enhance your cycling experience, be it the daily commute or the long weekend club rides. Safe travels!


  1. Multi-Purpose Protection: The Omne Air MIPS Helmet provides comprehensive head protection, ideal for both urban commuting and weekend group rides. Its MIPS protection is specifically designed to guard against rotational forces upon impact.
  2. Lightweight and Adjustable: Its lightweight design and adjustable system facilitate ease of use. With weights starting as low as 285g, it's light on your head and the 360° adjustment system ensures an ideal fit for all users.
  3. Ventilation Channels: The helmet's multiple ventilation channels ensure airflow, offering a cooling effect, which can be a blessing on hot summer days or intense rides.
  4. Optimal All-Round Protection: With a focus on safety, this helmet's high-density liner and thicker core protection zones offer all-round protection. The Mips Integra technology provides enhanced protection against rotational impact.
  5. Slim Profile: The slim profile not only aids in reducing the weight of the helmet but also contributes to a sleek, stylish look.


  1. Price: Ranging from $119.99 – $159.99, the helmet is a bit on the pricey side. While it offers numerous high-quality features, the cost could be a barrier for some cyclists.
  2. No Audio Compatibility: The helmet does not support audio compatibility. For those who enjoy listening to music or making calls while cycling, this might be a disadvantage.
  3. No Visor: The lack of a visor might deter some users who prefer additional protection against the sun or rain.
  4. One Year Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, which might not seem sufficient considering the price point of the helmet.
  5. No Dedicated Sunglasses Garage: While it mentions the ability to store sunglasses, a dedicated secure spot or “garage” for sunglasses is not specified. Depending on the design of your glasses, secure storage may be an issue.


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