Experience Power & Precision: The Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6’s Dynamic Chassis & EP8 Drive Unit

Power, Precision, Comfort, and Efficiency

Well, folks, welcome to another thrilling escapade of two-wheeled wonder. Today, we're here to discuss the exquisite Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6, a beautiful blend of power, performance, and precision.

Step back a moment and admire its new carbon frame, a structural marvel designed to boost your ride speed, better your comfort, and make uphill climbs feel as effortless as a cool evening stroll. Every curve and corner on this beauty is shaped with one purpose in mind – to deliver the ultimate off-road experience.

Now, the thing about this monster is that it doesn't just promise seamless rides, but also guarantees convenience in maintenance. The uniform bearings, axles, and screw fittings on the rear frames ensure compatibility and easy spare part supply. That's a touch of simplicity to an otherwise daunting domain.

The fast release battery lock stands out like a solid handshake promising reliability. No fumbling, no frustration; just quick and easy battery swapping and charging. You could probably do it blindfolded. Don't try that though, seriously.

The dynamic chassis, the backbone of this beast, optimises the conversion of your pedal force into raw power, with the help of the new EP8 drive unit. Imagine the feeling of rocketing through rough terrains, the wind in your face, heart pounding with exhilaration – that's what you sign up for when you mount this ride.

The MC6 has been redefined, both in terms of the seating position and ride dynamics. With the new geometry, you'll be sat deeper and more centrally, getting more intimate with the heart of the beast. This little adjustment makes for smoother, more controlled rides and handling that could give the finest dancers a run for their money.

This ride is a cooled beast, too. The passive motor and battery cooling ensure the power plant doesn't break a sweat, reducing heat build-up and granting more power and range. It's a cool customer, alright.

But all this awesomeness, all this technological marvel, comes at a price, €8,799.00 to be exact. But let me tell you this, every euro spent is worth the thrill, the adventure, the pure joy of riding this masterpiece. So, for those of you out there who live for the thrill of the ride, who love the rush of the wind, and the sense of conquering the world, one trail at a time, the Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 is your steed, your companion, your adventure incarnate. Happy trails, folks.


  1. Lighter Carbon Frame: The new, lighter carbon frame enhances comfort, reduces rigidness, and aids in faster and better rides, especially during climbs.
  2. Uniform Rear Frames: Uniform bearings, axles, and screw fittings across the new MY22 off-road models, including the MC6, mean easier maintenance and part replacement.
  3. Fast Release Battery Lock: The secure battery lock allows for quick and easy battery swapping and charging, reducing the time and hassle involved.
  4. Dynamic Chassis: The MC6's chassis and the new EP8 drive unit work together to efficiently convert pedal force into power, enhancing the overall performance.
  5. New Seating Position and Ride Dynamics: The adjusted geometry places the rider in a more central and deeper position on the bike, providing better control and a smoother ride.
  6. Passive Motor & Battery Cooling: The cooling system helps prevent overheating and extends the range and power of the MC6.


  1. Price: The MC6 comes with a hefty price tag of €8,799.00, which may not be affordable for everyone.
  2. Limited Availability of Spare Parts: The uniformity in the rear frames design means that if a specific part runs out, it could affect the availability of spares for all MY22 models, including the MC6.
  3. Weight Limit: The MC6 has a permissible total weight limit of 130 kg, which could limit its usability for heavier riders or those looking to carry additional equipment.
  4. Advanced Features: The technological sophistication of the MC6, while an advantage for experienced riders, could potentially be overwhelming for beginners.


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