Experience Artistic Climbing with Soul Holds Soul Pinch Set

Sustainable, Artistic, Grippy Climbing Holds

Climbing, much like a rich stew or a multi-layered cake, is an amalgamation of elements, a confluence of human will, gravity, and the tactile connection with the surface you're grappling. It's visceral, meditative, and yes, it's got soul. Now imagine gripping onto something that captures that spirit, while also being an environmentally conscious choice. Enter the Soul Holds Soul Pinch Set.

Crafted by a man named James with a wealth of experience in both climbing and construction, these climbing holds promise to be more than just another piece of hardware at your local climbing gym. James poured his years scaling rock faces into designing a product that fuses aesthetic elegance with remarkable functionality. His vision? To revolutionize the climbing industry through sustainable innovation.

The set comes with an array of 17 holds, each meticulously designed with the setter in mind. There's a tactile joy in gripping onto these—like grasping the wheel of a vintage car or the neck of a well-aged bottle of wine. You find yourself challenged, entertained, and engaged by the way each hold curves and bends, offering a myriad of pinching possibilities. If you've ever wanted your climbing wall to be the talk of the hall, this set is it. They're like the Rothko paintings of climbing holds, forcing you to consider your movement and form with an unprecedented grip and dual texture that eliminates shortcuts and cheats.

Now, a word about the grip—no need to worry about chalk and rubber building up in nooks and crannies. The clever use of sand in polamide epoxy creates a texture that's easier to clean, meaning you can focus more on your climbing technique than maintenance.

James and his Netherlands-based team are not only artisans but also environmentally responsible stewards. The polyurethane and fiberglass commonly used in climbing holds, despite their long-lasting nature, have a detrimental impact on both the environment and human health. Soul Holds addresses this issue by using FCS and PEFC registered timbers. And if you ever grow weary of your holds, they can be sanded, recoated, or recycled as bio-mass—making their end-of-life nearly carbon neutral.

Climbing holds, as basic as they are, tell us something about the climber's philosophy and attitude. This is not mere sport; it's a form of expression. In a world that often compromises quality and environmental responsibility for the bottom line, Soul Holds invites us to pause and consider another way. As you scale your climbing wall, gripping these holds feels like a handshake agreement between you and the earth—a pact to challenge, respect, and most importantly, to have soul.


  1. Unprecedented Grip: The unique texture created by layers of polamide epoxy and sand offers unparalleled grip, enhancing the climbing experience.
  2. Dual Texture Design: This feature allows setters to force movement and eliminate cheats, making it versatile for climbers of various skill levels.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Meticulously crafted, the holds are designed to “pop” out of the wall, bringing an artistic element to the climbing experience.
  4. Range of Sizes: With 17 holds in different shapes and sizes, this set offers a variety of gripping options, making it suitable for all types of walls and climbing scenarios.
  5. Sustainability: Made with FCS and PEFC registered timbers, the holds are a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional polyurethane and fiberglass options.
  6. Durability and Longevity: The metal inserts contribute to the durability of these holds, ensuring that they last longer.
  7. Easy Maintenance: The unique grip texture makes cleaning easier, as chalk and rubber build-up can be easily removed.
  8. Fair Labor Practices: Produced in the Netherlands using local labor, the company is committed to fair trade values.
  9. Renovation Possibility: The design allows for the holds to be sanded and recoated, thus extending their lifespan at a fraction of the cost of new holds.


  1. High Cost: Priced at €2,149.99, the set is a significant investment, making it potentially prohibitive for individual climbers or smaller gyms.
  2. Complex Installation: The variety and uniqueness of the holds may require a more intricate setting process, potentially making installation more complicated.
  3. Limited Material Information: While the focus is on sustainable timber, there’s limited information on the environmental impact of other materials used, such as the metal inserts or epoxy.
  4. Unproven Long-Term Durability: Though they are said to be durable, these holds are a new product, and their long-term resilience hasn't been verified.
  5. Color Customization: While a color range has been tailored, it's unclear how flexible this is for individual customer needs.

In sum, the Soul Holds Soul Pinch Set seems to offer a groundbreaking, ethical, and aesthetically pleasing climbing experience. However, its high cost and potential installation complexities might give some potential buyers pause.


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