EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle: Revolutionizing Comfort in Personal Travel

Versatile electric tricycle redefining comfort

Travel has a rhythm to it. There's a certain magic in the shift of landscapes, the passing of familiar and unfamiliar vistas, the subtle hum of a journey in progress. But let's face it, not all journeys are created equal. Some are dull and monotonous, others, well, they're a bit more like riding the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle – a veritable symphony of movement and ease.

Take a gander at this beast, the electric tricycle that doesn't just look good, but puts the fun back into functional. Picture yourself stepping onto this ride – no strain, no struggle, just a graceful mount onto a machine built for comfort. And once you're on, your worries about balance and falls, they're just echoes in the wind.

Speaking of comfort, let's talk about those plush 1.95″ tires, gliding over the pavement, swallowing up the bumps and giving you the sensation of floating on air. It's like the difference between travelling on foot and hitching a ride on a magic carpet.

And let's not forget about our furry companions. This ride can accommodate not just your groceries or picnic paraphernalia, but even Fluffy gets a spot – and she'll thank you for it. The rear basket is roomy enough to make room for your needs, making this not just a ride, but a genuine travel companion.

But what sets this electric tricycle apart is its whispering 250-watt motor. It's like having a silent partner who's there when you need them, ready to give you a little push when you're out of steam. And with speeds that can peak at 28 mph in pedal-assist mode, you'll feel the wind in your face without breaking a sweat.

On the other side, the digital display keeps you informed and engaged with your ride. It's like your very own dashboard, keeping you informed about speed and power level at a glance. The thumb throttle's subtle design adds to the feeling of control and ease.

The comfort, though, doesn't end there. From the cloud-like seat to the plush grips, every detail is designed for the optimal riding experience. And with its BodyFit design, this tricycle can accommodate a wide variety of body types and sizes.

And did I mention the price? For $1540, you get a slice of California ingenuity designed to redefine the way we move. As someone who’s spent a lifetime on the move, I can appreciate the mix of innovation, comfort, and style packed into this electric tricycle.

In essence, the EVRYjourney Tricycle is like the open road – it beckons with promises of adventure, comfort, and the joy of motion. And with this one, I bet every journey would indeed be a thrill, a pleasure, and an escape from the ordinary. Not bad for three wheels, right?


  1. Comfort: From the ergonomic riding position to the cushioned tires and soft grips, this tricycle prioritizes rider comfort. The ultra-comfortable seat and forward pedaling design aim to minimize strain on the back, hips, shoulders, and knees.
  2. Versatility: With its spacious rear basket, you have room for groceries, picnic items, and even a small pet. This adds practical value, making it great for both leisure and utility rides.
  3. Adaptability: The 250W motor operates in both pedal-assist and full-electric modes. This provides flexibility to riders, allowing them to choose the level of physical exertion they're comfortable with.
  4. Reliability: The sturdy aluminum alloy frame, steel fork, and semi-slick cruiser tires should provide durability and stability, ensuring a smooth ride on a variety of terrains.
  5. Inclusive Design: With its step-through frame and adjustable components, it's built to accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes, including riders with back or knee pain.


  1. Weight: At 76.2 lbs, this tricycle is considerably heavy. This might make it more difficult to maneuver or transport when not in use.
  2. Battery Life: Depending on the mode and terrain, the battery can run anywhere from 18 to 60 miles. This wide range could leave some riders uncertain about when they'll need to recharge.
  3. Speed: While 28 mph in pedal-assist mode is respectable, 15 mph in full-electric mode might not satisfy everyone, particularly those in need of a speedier commute.
  4. Price: At $1540, it's not the most affordable option on the market. Potential buyers will have to weigh the tricycle's unique features against their budget.
  5. Learning Curve: For those who are accustomed to two-wheeled bicycles, there may be a learning curve when it comes to handling and steering a tricycle.

These points should help you evaluate whether the EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle meets your specific needs and expectations.

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