Estate ’98 Coffee Concentrate: A Symphony of Flavor in Every Drop

Versatile, concentrated, convenient, sustainable, heritage coffee

We're gathered here today to embark on a rich, sensory journey, one that unfolds in the lush, volcanic mountains of El Salvador. This narrative begins with Estate '98's Ultra-Concentrated Coffee. A game changer? Absolutely. A disruption in your ordinary coffee experience? You bet.

This brew is a history lesson in a bottle, a taste of a land shaped by centuries-old traditions. Every drop of this ultra-concentrated coffee brings forth the spirit of El Salvador’s finest beans, grown in a terrain blessed by God. Estate '98 doesn’t just produce coffee; they curate an experience.

Imagine the generations of hand that have cultivated these coffee beans, a testament to a skill passed down through six generations, all nurtured on the fertile volcanic soil of El Salvador. There's a tactile history here, a lineage of craft and dedication, and each sip reverberates with this legacy.

The 10x ultra-concentration adds a new dimension to your daily coffee routine. Not diluted, but amplified, it's the espresso of espressos. The purest essence of coffee, encapsulated in a few precious drops. And what you choose to do with this ambrosia, well, that's where your own creativity takes flight.

Hot, iced, frothed, shaken… whatever form your coffee fantasies take, they're now just a tablespoon or two away. And for those with a penchant for bold flavors, a strong, invigorating shot of espresso is always within reach.

For the adventurous, the compact bottle design promises a caffeine companion for every journey. From the urban jungle to the actual jungle, Estate '98 can accompany you. And for the sustainability warriors, there's no better champion than this shade-grown coffee, nurturing local ecosystems and saving you from the guilt of non-recyclable pods.

You can pledge for a bottle or two, or become a coffee connoisseur with a one-year subscription, the choice is yours. And if the proposition of a bespoke Kickstarter mug doesn't sweeten the deal, well, my friend, you are harder to please than I thought.

Estate '98, created by two brothers with a heritage steeped in coffee cultivation, is a marriage of tradition and innovation. The result? An experience that distills the very essence of coffee. So, raise your mug to a new dawn of coffee exploration. Cheers.

The Estate '98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee brings a unique proposition to the coffee market, and like any product, it has its advantages and drawbacks.


  1. Versatility: This ultra-concentrated coffee allows you to create a wide array of coffee beverages. Whether you enjoy a hot latte or an iced coffee, you can craft it to your preference in seconds.
  2. Convenience: With just a few drops of this ultra-concentrated coffee, you can have a rich, flavorful cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. Its compact bottle design makes it portable and perfect for on-the-go scenarios like traveling or camping.
  3. Sustainability: Estate '98 coffee beans are shade-grown, protecting natural ecosystems and local water supplies. The product also supports a reduction in the use of non-recyclable coffee pods and is bottled in recyclable glass.
  4. Quality and Heritage: The beans are hand-picked and come from a 6th generation family farm in El Salvador, ensuring the preservation of age-old processing methods for quality coffee.
  5. Freshness: Since it's ultra-concentrated, the coffee doesn't lose its freshness as quickly as regular coffee might.


  1. Price: For many, the cost might be a bit high compared to standard coffee products. The price per cup could be higher depending on how much of the concentrate is used.
  2. Taste Preference: For those who prefer a lighter coffee taste, an ultra-concentrated coffee might be too strong.
  3. Refrigeration Requirement: Once opened, the coffee needs to be refrigerated. This requirement could limit its convenience for travel, especially in scenarios where a fridge isn't accessible.
  4. Limited Shelf Life: While being ultra-concentrated does help maintain freshness, once opened, it should be used within one month, which might not be ideal for infrequent coffee drinkers.
  5. Calibration: Finding the right amount for personal preference could take some trial and error. Overdoing it could result in a coffee that's too strong, while too little might make a weak brew.

Remember, the perfect coffee is very much a matter of personal taste. What might be an advantage to some (like the strength of the coffee) could be a disadvantage to others. It's all about finding what hits the right notes for you.

$47 (2 bottles – good for 8 – 16 cups)

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