Edenist eBike Helmet: Crafted with Carbon-Fibre Composite for Ultimate Comfort and Durability

Luxury meets safety in helmets

There's a certain brand of refined, low-key elegance that I've always admired. You can spot it in well-aged whisky, bespoke leather shoes, and now, surprisingly enough, in an eBike helmet by the makers of the Edenist range. This isn't just a helmet; it's an object d'art.

The first thing to note is the craftsmanship. Drawing from their distinguished lineage in the open-face motorcycle jet range, these helmets are constructed from a composite of carbon and fibreglass, keeping them both sturdy and incredibly lightweight. Each one is a featherweight champion, ranging from a nimble 550 grams to a still very manageable 800 grams, depending on the size you choose.

The design is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. The low profile makes it less cumbersome than many alternatives, while the 10 ventilation channels ensure a cooling airflow even on the most scorching days. The removable and washable padding, lined with an anti-bacterial fabric, is another well-considered feature.

But where the Edenist really starts to outshine its competition is in its finish. Whether it's the understated sophistication of the eggshell creme finish on the Edenist Creme, the stark contrast of the Two Face's half white gloss finish, or the pure class of the metallic grey on the Edenist Ash, each version is a masterpiece in its own right.

The details here matter: from the anodised gunmetal-coloured brass Hedon logo plate, the black leather trim, to the Fidlock magnetic buckle – borrowed from motorcycle helmets – every aspect sings of quality. Even the variety of seven different, seductive coloured visors available as separate accessories is a testament to the thought that's gone into this line.

Don't let the prices deter you. Yes, they range from £265.00 for the reliable Edenist Core to £345.00 for the ultimate eBike helmet, Edenist Two Face. However, consider this: in the long run, isn't it worth investing in a helmet that not only meets multiple safety standards but also adds an element of style to your ride?

Active life enthusiasts know the value of excellent gear. A helmet is not just a safety accessory; it's an integral part of the riding experience. With an Edenist, you're not just buying protection; you're investing in a lifestyle. A lifestyle where safety, comfort, and style are one and the same.

So whether you're navigating the urban jungle or taking in the scenic countryside, keep in mind: the Edenist isn't just a helmet. It's a testament to your refined taste, and a bold statement that you've arrived, not just at your destination, but in life.

Pros of the Edenist eBike Helmet:

  1. Craftsmanship and Material: Made from a composite of carbon and fibreglass, these helmets promise high durability and are lightweight, making them comfortable for long rides.
  2. Design: The low-profile design is sleek and modern, while the 10 ventilation channels ensure maximum airflow, keeping the rider cool during their journey.
  3. Comfort: The Hed Armour lining with 360 padding can be removed and washed, which is great for hygiene. The Merlin anti-bacterial fabric also contributes to a clean and comfortable wearing experience.
  4. Safety: The helmet meets various safety standards, including NTA 8776, EN 1078:2012+A1:2012, and CPSC, indicating its high level of protection.
  5. Style: Available in different colours and finishes, this helmet doesn't compromise on style. The variety of sexy coloured visors that can be bought separately also add to its appeal.
  6. Practical Features: It includes a Fidlock magnetic buckle for motorcycle helmets, an innovative and practical feature that adds to the overall quality of the helmet.

Cons of the Edenist eBike Helmet:

  1. Price: Ranging from £265.00 to £345.00, these helmets are on the higher end of the spectrum, making them potentially out of reach for some consumers.
  2. Visors Sold Separately: The visors, although available in a range of appealing colours, have to be bought as separate accessories, adding to the total cost.
  3. Limited Size Range: With only three sizes available (S, M, L), some consumers may struggle to find a perfect fit.
  4. Leather Details: The black leather lining and trim, while stylish, may not be suitable for vegans or those who prefer to avoid animal products.
  5. Weight Differences: Although all models are relatively lightweight, there's a noticeable weight difference between the sizes, which might influence comfort for some riders.


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