DJI Spark – Small Take Everywhere Do Everything Drone

They say the DJI Spark is for beginners but I see plenty of non-beginners like Casey Neistat and iPhonedo getting excited about it. It’s DJI’s smallest drone and in my opinion, a better buy than the GoPro Karma.

The DJI Spark’s base has a smaller footprint than an iPhone 7 plus and weighs 0.66 pounds (300g). The props on the Spark cannot be folded though but it can still fit in your jacket with the propellers intact.

You can control the Spark without the remote or phone by using your palm to move it up and down, follow, and even it even lands in your hand when you put your palm under it.

It has some pretty cool modes that tracks the subject while doing a manoeuvre automatically like flying backwards and upwards; flying in a circle while keeping the camera on you; flying backwards and upwards while spiraling; and flying straight also keep the camera on you to get a cool birds-eye view.

While the Spark is stable in the air, it also has a 2-axis gimbal to keep your footage smooth.

It’s the perfect take everywhere do everything drone and oh yes it shoots pretty good 1080p video too.

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