Diamondback Release 4C: Experience the Carbon Fiber MTB Innovation

Carbon Fiber Meets Trail Domination

As the tarmac yields to the kiss of knobby tires and the urban sprawl disappears behind me, the anticipation of the trail ahead is mirrored by the gleaming Diamondback Release 4C that stands by my side. The hum of the city, now a distant echo, makes way for the melody of gravel under my wheels, punctuated by the call of the wild.

This beast is engineered to be agile and responsive, made from the same stuff as dreams and space shuttles: carbon fiber. With a heart built from monocoque carbon, the Diamondback Release 4C boasts a stiff, lightweight chassis that seems to defy physics. The 130mm Level Link suspension system works like magic, isolating chain forces from trail inputs, making your pedal strokes feel powerful yet smooth. And when you're hurtling down steep, rough terrains, it becomes a plush carpet, absorbing the shock of the world beneath you.

The Fox Float DPS EVOL LV rear shock and the 150mm travel Fox 36 Performance Float fork ensure you experience the trail and not the impact. This pair feels like an insurance policy against the unforeseen potholes and bumps that you'll encounter in your off-road adventures. This is coupled with the SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed single-ring drivetrain, which works like a symphony of cogs and chain, delivering smooth, precise shifts. The SRAM G2 R brakes, biting into the 180mm rotors, will confidently guide you through the most intricate paths that nature has designed.

Sizes? It accommodates all, from the compact XS to the towering XL, each varying by specific dimensions – from seat tube length to top tube length and head tube length, with the cockpit size increasing incrementally. The geometry remains consistent across the sizes, with a relaxed 66° head angle that's nimble in the twists and stable at speed.

Speaking of the cockpit, the 780mm wide DB35 aluminum handlebar and ergonomically sound Ergon GE10 Evo Lock-On grips ensure your hands always have a comfortable home. The WTB Volt Chromoly seat offers a comfortable perch after those intense climbs.

What about the tires? Well, the Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5×2.3″ at the front and Maxxis Minion DHR 27.5×2.3″ at the rear are ready to devour anything the trail can throw at them. And with the tubeless setup, the chances of a dreaded pinch flat interrupting your ride are minimal.

The Diamondback Release 4C is not just a bike, but a confluence of technology, design, and performance. With a price tag of $4,350, it's a substantial investment, but I guarantee you it's worth every penny. It's a machine built for those who live to conquer the wild, designed by those who understand that the joy of mountain biking is as much in the journey as in the destination.

Sure, the specs are impressive, but it's the experience that truly sets this machine apart. When you saddle up and clip in, there's a sense of connection, a sense of unity, between rider and ride. It's not just about conquering the trail, but about becoming a part of it. It's the purest form of freedom, every ride a different story, every trail a new adventure.

So, for those who find joy in leaving the world behind, in chasing the horizon, in the call of the wild, the Diamondback Release 4C is your chariot. Because in the end, it's not just about the ride, it's about the journey, the experience. And that's what this bike delivers in spades. Go ahead, embrace the thrill. Your adventure awaits.


  1. Lightweight and Stiff Chassis: Made from carbon fiber, this bike offers superior performance due to its lightweight and robust frame, which optimizes the power transfer from rider to trail.
  2. Advanced Suspension System: The Level Link suspension system isolates chain forces from trail inputs, resulting in efficient pedaling and excellent bump absorption.
  3. High-Quality Shock Absorption: Equipped with a Fox Float DPS EVOL LV rear shock and a 150mm travel Fox 36 Performance Float fork, this bike can tackle the most challenging terrains with ease.
  4. Reliable Drivetrain: The SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain ensures smooth, consistent shifting, making it easier to handle both inclines and flat stretches.
  5. Powerful Braking: The SRAM G2 R brakes offer excellent stopping power, ensuring safety and control even on the most technical descents.
  6. Wide Range of Sizes: With sizes from XS to XL, the bike can accommodate a variety of rider heights and builds, ensuring a good fit for almost everyone.


  1. Price: At $4,350, this bike is a significant investment. While the quality of the components and the performance they deliver may justify the cost, it may be out of reach for some potential riders.
  2. Component Compatibility: While the monocoque carbon frame is high-performance, it might limit upgrade options in the future due to compatibility issues with certain aftermarket components.
  3. Tubeless Setup: The bike comes with tubeless-compatible tires but requires the installation of tubeless valves and sealant. This additional step might be a minor inconvenience for some riders.
  4. Single-Ring Drivetrain: The SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed single-ring drivetrain provides good gear range but may not be ideal for those who prefer a wider range or different gear ratios offered by double or triple chainring setups.
  5. Weight Distribution: With a carbon front and rear triangle, some riders might find the weight distribution a bit off, affecting the bike's overall balance, particularly during jumps or highly technical sections.


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