Daysaver’s Incredible Multitool: Handlebar Storage for Uninterrupted Bike Adventures

Versatile, Compact, Lightweight, High-Quality Multitool

Have you ever felt the wind in your hair as you conquer the asphalt, feeling like you're one with the road, when suddenly your ride comes to an abrupt halt because of a loose screw or flat tire? It’s not about the interruption in your ride that’s bothersome, it's about the heavy, clunky tools you have to lug around just to avoid these predicaments. Well, worry no more. The incredible multitool, an innovative product by Daysaver, has got you covered.

Imagine a tool that embraces the practicality of an Allen Key, but transcends its limitations. The Incredible multitool does exactly that. With its retractable lever and spring mechanism, it morphs to fit into different parts of your bike – from the handlebar to the bottom bracket. It’s like having a pocket-sized pit crew that's always ready to assist. The fact that it can fit just about anywhere gives you the freedom to choose how you carry your tool, without it being a hassle. Think of it as your bike's Swiss Army Knife.

The Incredible multitool offers two torque levels – perfect for the sensitive nature of screws. Now, you can say goodbye to the woes of broken or loosely tightened screws. This tool knows how to treat screws with the right amount of love and respect.

It's a masterpiece of design and function, with the capacity to reach any screw. Gone are the days of scratches on your precious frame or worn-out screws due to ill-fitting tools. The Incredible's form factor is a game-changer.

Constructed from hardened stainless steel, this multitool doesn't compromise on quality. With torque values that go beyond what you can apply by hand, you're sure to get a workshop-grade repair right there on the trail. And what’s more? It weighs only around 60 grams, making it a perfect companion for your rides.

The bit storage feature of the Incredible is impressive. It keeps all your bits securely tucked away, allowing quick and easy access even when you're wearing gloves. Speaking of bits, with the MixMatch feature, you have the flexibility to configure the tool to your specific needs. A stainless steel lock-interface holds your configuration securely and allows you to adjust it easily.

There’s also an option for tubeless riders. The tubeless tool, complete with patches and a high-quality aluminum design, is the perfect tool to quickly fix flats on the trail. Its integrated chainbreaker and cutting blade only add to its versatility.

The handlebar mount is another feature to love about the Incredible multitool. It holds firm, is easily removable, and fits all standard handlebars. What's remarkable is that the tool is ready for use as soon as you take it out of the mount – no assembly needed.

Daysaver is poised to expand its Incredible range in the future, promising even more tools and mounting options. They’re not just offering you a tool, but an ever-evolving system that adapts to the changing needs of biking enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Incredible multitool is not just an essential accessory but a game-changer in the world of biking tools. It brings an array of functionalities in a compact form that integrates seamlessly with your ride. It's light, it's versatile, and it's built to last. This is one piece of gear that should definitely be part of your next adventure.

Here are some potential pros and cons to consider about the Incredible multitool by Daysaver:


  • Compact and Lightweight: With a weight of only around 60 grams, the multitool is incredibly light for a product made of hardened steel. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around.
  • Multifunctionality: The tool features multiple functionalities like different torque levels, reach to any screw, bit storage, and a dedicated tool for tubeless riders. It's almost like having a mini bike workshop at your disposal.
  • High Quality: Built with stainless, hardened steel, this multitool promises workshop-quality repairs. This level of durability and quality is a big plus for regular riders and professionals alike.
  • Flexibility: The MixMatch bit system offers the flexibility to configure the tool according to specific needs, making it adaptable to various bikes and situations.
  • Easy Installation: The handlebar mount is easy to install and adjust to any standard handlebar size. Additionally, the tool is ready to use immediately after removal from the mount.


  • Price: High-quality and multifunctional tools often come at a higher price point. Depending on the budget, the price might be a hurdle for some biking enthusiasts.
  • Learning Curve: With its many features and flexibility, there could be a learning curve for less tech-savvy users to learn how to properly configure and use all aspects of the tool.
  • Lack of Physical Stores: As a product mainly sold online, it might be hard for interested buyers to physically check the product before purchase.
  • Dependence on Future Development: The promise of more tools and mounting options in the future is great, but currently, users will depend on Daysaver's commitment to these developments.
  • Limited Immediate Functionality for Non-Tubeless Riders: While there's a dedicated tool for tubeless riders, riders using traditional tires might not immediately benefit from this feature.

$139 (Two tools and two handlebar mounts)

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