DAHON GB-2: Combining Portability and Performance in a Folding Gravel Bike

Portable, Robust, Versatile Folding Bike

Just a few heartbeats with this magnificent beast, the Dahon GB-2, and I guarantee you'll be dreaming about the open road – or the nearest rugged trail. Here is where the aesthetics of freedom and the pragmatics of adventure intertwine in an intricate dance, resulting in a love affair that makes even the most hardened hearts flutter.

Imagine a bike that combines the agility of a mountain goat, the speed of a greyhound, and the beauty of a well-crafted piece of art. With its aluminum frame hinging on the patented LockJaw technology, the Dahon GB-2 is just that. It folds seamlessly into a compact 82 x 37.5 x 96.5 cm size that can be easily stowed away, transforming from a lean, mean, trail-dominating machine into an unassuming package you can pop in your trunk or store in a small city apartment.

This cycle rides on 27.5″ wheels, delivering the perfect balance between smooth navigation and adventurous zest. The TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes provide an impressive stopping power that even Hercules would admire, allowing for precise control when descending steep slopes or during those unexpected moments when a wild creature darts out onto your path.

The low gearing, propelled by a robust Shimano SORA 1×9-Speed system, offers a flexible range that'll keep you on the go whether you're hitting the flats or powering up a gnarly incline. And the lack of a front derailleur? That's one less component to worry about maintaining – perfect for those who love to get down and dirty in the great outdoors without the fuss.

Cruising on CST 27.5″*1.4″ tires, you're equipped with a robust set of boots that can tackle anything the path throws at you. And that's not to mention the 6061-AL W:420mm handlebar graced with black handlebar tape complete with locking end plugs – your hands will be thanking you for this thoughtful touch.

At 12.06 kg, this bike has the charm of a featherweight yet packs a punch like a heavyweight champion. And for the price of HK$7,280, it offers an investment in endless trails, city commutes, or just for the pure joy of feeling the wind against your face while you conquer the open roads or trails.

The Dahon GB-2 is not just a bike; it's a passport to a lifestyle filled with action, adventure, and freedom. It’s your ticket to unrestrained exploration, an ode to those with the spirit of discovery woven into the fabric of their being. So, grab those handlebars, feel the pulse of this agile beast under you, and let the world be your playground. There's a thrill waiting around each bend, and it's calling your name.


  1. Portability: With the patented LockJaw hinge system, the bike folds compactly (82 x 37.5 x 96.5 cm), making it easy to carry and stow away. Ideal for city dwellers or those with limited storage space.
  2. Versatility: The 27.5″ wheel size strikes a balance between comfort and agility, making the bike suitable for various terrains, from city streets to gravel trails.
  3. Powerful Braking: The TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes offer excellent stopping power, providing safety and control in diverse riding conditions.
  4. Efficient Gearing: The bike features a Shimano SORA 1×9-Speed system, offering a broad range of gears for different terrains and inclines.
  5. Durable Construction: The Dahon GB-2 is made with an OA Series, Dalloy Aluminum frame and fork. This combination offers both durability and lightweight performance.


  1. Weight: At 12.06 kg, it's not the lightest folding bike on the market. This might be a consideration for those frequently transporting their bike.
  2. Lack of Front Derailleur: The absence of a front derailleur simplifies maintenance but limits gear range. This could potentially be a disadvantage on extremely varied terrains or for riders who prefer more speed variations.
  3. Price: With a price tag of HK$7,280, it falls into the higher price range for folding bikes. The cost might be a barrier for some potential buyers.
  4. No Included Extras: The lack of included pedals and kickstand may result in additional costs and can be inconvenient for some users.
  5. Limited Cushioning: While the bike is well-constructed for rugged terrains, the absence of any suspension system might lead to a less comfortable ride on particularly bumpy or rocky trails.

HK$7,280 ($930)

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