CYCPLUS CUBE: Power-Packed Tiny E-Pump Revolutionizing Bike Rides

Powerful, Compact, Fast-Charging E-Pump

Traveling light and staying active — they're both important, aren't they? I think I've found something that might just be the perfect accompaniment for all you wanderers on two wheels out there.

Let's take a closer look at this little marvel, the CYCPLUS CUBE — a tiny e-pump for your bike. It's built to take the grunt work out of tire inflation, and I've got to say, it does so quite impressively.

Imagine a full aluminum alloy body and core, crafted into a package so compact and ultra-light that it tips the scales at just 97 grams. That's like, what? Barely heavier than a deck of cards? But don't let its minuscule size fool you. This tiny titan is bursting with power.

Behind that sleek casing, there's a high-powered battery that brings some serious muscle to your inflation game. In lab tests, it's shown it can inflate a pair of 700*25c road bike tires from 0 to 80psi — all on a single charge. That's got you covered for a quick touch-up before your ride or a roadside emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, there's an added bonus. The CUBE is basically a reusable “CO2 inflator.” It can inflate over 200 tires without any noticeable speed degradation. That means you can leave behind the hassle of those pesky disposable CO2 cartridges. Just think — no more freezing your fingers off in the cold trying to fix a flat. Plus, it's even safe enough to take on a plane.

The CUBE uses brushless motor technology, which basically means it's both fast and reliable. How fast? Try 80psi in just 80 seconds. That kind of speed might be the difference between making it to the café for your post-ride espresso… or not.

Now, onto the charging part. With a quick charge (QC) charger, this handy gadget is fully juiced up in a meager 20 minutes. So, before you even get your gear on, this bad boy will be ready to go. And a clear battery indicator makes sure you're always in the know about its power level.

Also, it's ready to roll without any added accessories. It fits both Presta and Schrader valves, meaning it's got you covered, whether you're a roadie or a mountain biker.

To round it all off, the CUBE comes with a heat-resistant silicone case for extra protection and comfort during inflation. Because we all know how much the little details matter. It helps prevent any unwanted scratches and offers a comfy grip when you're out there pumping tires.

So, whether you're a weekend warrior, a daily commuter, or a long-distance cyclist, this CYCPLUS CUBE seems to tick all the right boxes. It's compact, powerful, and fast-charging — all the things you'd want when you're out and about, living life in the fast lane.


  1. Ultra-compact and lightweight: At just 97 grams and about the size of a deck of cards, this pump is remarkably portable and easy to carry around.
  2. Powerful: Despite its small size, it has a high-powered battery that can inflate two 700*25c tires from 0 to 80psi on a single charge.
  3. Fast Inflation: It's capable of reaching 80psi in just 80 seconds, which could be crucial during an unexpected roadside flat.
  4. Reusable: The pump can inflate over 200 tires without any significant speed degradation, which can be considered a reusable CO2 inflator.
  5. Quick Charging: With a QC charger, the pump is fully charged in just 20 minutes. It also has a clear battery indicator, so you'll always know how much power is left.
  6. Versatile: It fits both Presta and Schrader valves, so it's suitable for both road and mountain bikes.
  7. Durable and Comfortable: The heat-resistant silicone case provides thermal insulation and a comfortable grip during inflation, as well as protection from scratches or damage.


  1. Price: At $89, this e-pump might be considered expensive compared to more traditional bike pumps. Whether the convenience and features outweigh the cost is something you'll have to decide.
  2. Limited Inflation Capacity Per Charge: Although it's capable of inflating two 700*25c tires on one charge, if you're on a longer ride or have more than one flat, you may run out of power.
  3. Dependence on Electricity for Charging: If you're planning multi-day bikepacking trips or going to areas with limited electricity access, the need to charge this pump could be a drawback.
  4. Potentially Fragile: Despite its durable construction, the electronic components inside might not withstand harsh conditions or accidental drops as well as a traditional manual pump.

Remember, while these pros and cons give a good overview, the suitability of the CYCPLUS CUBE tiny e-pump ultimately depends on your specific needs and circumstances.


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