Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR: Master the Road with Black Chili Compound and Vectran Breaker

Performance-enhancing, Comfortable, Resilient Road Tire

Every journey, every adventure, every destination, demands a worthy companion. And let me tell you, there's no finer companion on the open road than the Continental Grand Prix 5000 Series. This isn't just about rubber meeting the road; it's about embracing the romance of the ride.

Consider the Grand Prix 5000 S TR, the spirited prodigy of the series. It's a symphony of intricate details. It's lighter, faster, has stronger sidewalls. It promises you a smooth sail on the road, making your ride faster, more comfortable, and steadfastly resilient against punctures. A new benchmark in road tubeless ready technology, it's handcrafted to enhance your performance, to make you better.

The heart of the Grand Prix 5000 S TR, the Black Chili compound, is the epitome of balance. It's the perfectly choreographed dance between grip, rolling resistance, and longevity. A tire with maximum grip wears quicker and rolls more slowly. Conversely, a tire that rolls faster and is more durable might compromise on grip. This tire, however, takes this delicate dilemma and turns it on its head, providing an enduring solution to the cycling industry. It's the perfect marriage of special synthetic rubbers and proven natural rubber, all brought together with optimized soot particles.

Taking puncture protection to a new echelon is the Vectran Breaker. Picture a tire spun from liquid crystal-polymer, a fabric five times stronger than steel and lighter than a feather. It's cut-resistant, flexible, and rolls without resistance. It's the guardian angel your ride deserves.

The Lazer Grip is another aspect that should pique your interest. It marries you to the road, the lazered micro-profile structure expanding over the tire's shoulder for extraordinary cornering, making every twist and turn an exhilarating joyride.

Then there's the Active Comfort Technology. This is the revolution we've been waiting for. This is what turns the cycling experience from routine to extraordinary. Embedded in the tire, it acts as a buffer, absorbing vibrations and smoothing your ride like never before.

The Grand Prix 5000 S TR is tubeless ready, and the robust carcass construction is impervious to damage and penetration from foreign objects. With an aesthetic design and versatility to use with or without an inner tube, this tire exudes resilience. With a little bit of their recommended Revo-Sealant, you'll be ready to hit the road.

From an attractive price range to a range of sizes, the Grand Prix 5000 S TR has been meticulously designed for every rider. And with over a century of experience, Continental has honed its craft. Every tire produced in their Korbach technology and development center is a testament to their commitment to innovation, quality, and performance.

So saddle up, because it's your time. Embrace the open road with the Continental Grand Prix 5000 Series and let nothing stand in your way. It's more than just a ride; it's the new era in cycling. It's Deutche Technik, crafted with passion and precision to give you an unforgettable experience. Let's ride.


  1. Innovative Black Chili Compound: This unique tire compound offers a well-balanced mix of grip, rolling resistance, and longevity. It can transform your riding experience by providing a reliable, high-performing tire that doesn't wear quickly.
  2. Lighter and Faster: The Grand Prix 5000 S TR is designed to be lighter and faster, improving your speed and overall performance on the road.
  3. Puncture Protection: The Vectran Breaker, made from a liquid crystal-polymer, provides excellent puncture protection, giving you peace of mind during your rides.
  4. Enhanced Cornering with Lazer Grip: The lazer micro-profile structure expands over the tire's shoulder and provides outstanding cornering.
  5. Active Comfort Technology: This feature, embedded in the tire construction, absorbs vibrations and smooths your ride.
  6. Tubeless Ready: Versatile and robust, these tires can be used with or without an inner tube, providing flexibility in your tire setup.


  1. Complex Setup: For first-time users, the process of applying the Revo-Sealant and preparing the tubeless tires can be a bit complex and time-consuming.
  2. Weight: While lighter than many competitors, these tires may still add some weight to your bike compared to ultralight options.
  3. Premium Pricing: The innovative technology and high quality comes at a cost. These tires are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum when compared to other road tires.
  4. Requires Regular Pressure Check: To maintain optimal performance, the tires require regular pressure checks and adjustments to your desired PSI. This might be an added maintenance task for some cyclists.
  5. Specific Usage: These tires are optimized for road biking. For those looking for tires versatile enough for mixed-terrain or off-road biking, these might not be the ideal choice.

$47.79 – $96.95

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