Colnago V4Rs: A Masterclass in Aerodynamic Design and Robust Construction

Stiffnees, Speed, Precision, Style

Like the thunderous symphony that greets a virtuoso on a stage, the Colnago V4Rs speaks to its audience with an authority rooted in decades of experience and innovation. A masterstroke of engineering and design, it manifests not just the desire, but the absolute intention to win. Available in five color options, it presents the riders the freedom to express their personal style even while blazing through the tracks.

The V4Rs takes aerodynamics to a level that is nothing short of exhilarating. Its all-new Colnago Cockpit CC.01 reduces drag surface by up to 16%, combining its NACA-derived profile with laminar, clean airflow to elevate the riding experience. Performance and efficiency are achieved without compromising the cockpit’s overall stiffness – a necessary trait for those heart-stopping sprints and accelerations.

Its aerodynamic prowess, confirmed by rigorous wind tunnel testing, exhibits savings of approximately 13.2 watt in a real race setup. These savings can go up to an astonishing 27.7 watts when combined with advanced aero setup. And yet, the V4Rs is not just an aero bike; it’s an avatar of power, precision, and panache.

Structural integrity, especially in the heat of a race, cannot be compromised. The V4Rs employs a unique RDS (Real-Dynamic Stiffness) system that replicates loading forces of standing-on-pedals and seated positions, measuring overall frame deformation and stiffness. This results in 5% more stiffness in the seated position and 4% more stiffness in the sprint position compared to its predecessor, the V3Rs. This meticulous approach to design ensures optimal power transfer and stability even during the most demanding of races.

The V4Rs also gives careful thought to the rider's comfort and safety. It improves the crash worthiness of its most exposed parts and incorporates a better handling in corners and downhill precision. To facilitate the perfect bike fit, the geometry has been revised for balanced performance across all sizes. This new design ensures a better balance, power transfer, and the same race feeling for all sizes.

The robust T47 Bottom Bracket and the new Colnago integrated handlebar CC.01, which is stiffer, lighter and more aero, add to the bike’s impressive specifications. Despite not being an aerobike, the V4Rs manages to decrease aero drag with its revised profiles, which is a significant leap forward compared to the V3Rs.

For the sheer joy of riding, the V4Rs stands tall in the world of premium bikes, offering a level of performance and sophistication that is hard to match. Whether it’s ridden by professional teams or ambitious amateurs, it never fails to impress with its flawless blend of power, agility, and style. It's like a well-composed symphony – measured in its pace, powerful in its delivery, and mind-blowing in its performance.

In the end, the Colnago V4Rs is more than just a bike; it’s a statement, a promise of victories, a testament to the spirit of cycling. If you seek the thrill of competition, the rush of a downhill sprint, the satisfaction of a hard-earned win, then this bike is your faithful companion, ready to transform every ride into a memorable victory.

Pros of the Colnago V4Rs:

  1. Impressive Aerodynamics: The Colnago V4Rs shows a significant leap forward in aerodynamic performance when compared to the V3Rs. With features like the NACA-derived profile and aerodynamic saving of 3-6%, it's clear that this machine was built with speed and efficiency in mind.
  2. Robust Design: The design of the V4Rs significantly improves crash worthiness in its most exposed parts. The seat stays, for instance, have been redesigned to be more aerodynamic and to significantly improve flexural and impact resistance.
  3. Increased Stiffness: The V4Rs results as 5% stiffer when in a seated position and 4% stiffer in a sprint position when compared to the V3Rs. This increased stiffness means you can sprint faster and climb with more efficiency.
  4. Better Handling: The weight distribution in the V4Rs has changed from the V3Rs, resulting in better handling in corners, more safety and precision when going downhill.
  5. Improved Bike Fitting: The V4Rs comes with a revised geometry that results in balanced performance across different sizes. The relationship between seat tube length and reach is almost linear, with the stack/reach ratio optimized and harmonized across all sizes.
  6. Integrated Design: Everything from the cables and wires to the brake hoses are fed internally for a smooth and clean look, adding to the sleek aesthetic of the bike.

Cons of the Colnago V4Rs:

  1. Premium Price: The Colnago V4Rs comes with a premium price tag. While this isn't out of the ordinary for a high-end race bike, it might be a deterring factor for some potential buyers.
  2. Limited Handlebar Space: The Colnago HB R41 carbon fibre handlebar comes with limited central round section, which means you won't be able to fit an out-front mount that clamps to the bar, or run lights with standard mounts.
  3. Absence of Cable Entry Points: The frame is designed solely for wireless electronic groupsets, with no entry points for cables or wires. This could limit flexibility for those who prefer wired setups.
  4. Comfort Compromise: While the stiffness of the V4Rs aids in its performance, it could compromise comfort over longer rides, especially on rougher terrains.
  5. Tubeless Tire Compatibility: The bike runs with 28mm Pirelli's P Zero Race tires, which need to be run with inner tubes. If you prefer running tubeless tires on the road, you'll need to upgrade the tires and valves.


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